Saturday, August 1, 2015

2015 Goals Update

Here we are and it's already August! How did that happen? I don't know where the past 7 months of the year have gone. I haven't written up a 2015 Goals Update since May and to be honest, I haven't been doing too well with these goals lately.

A new school year is about to start though, and I'm ready to recommit to working on ALL of these goals instead of just some.

Focus on the positive. I've been doing great with this goal. It's so much easier to focus on the positive in the summer when the sun is shining and life is so much more relaxed for me.

I still have some days where I have trouble being positive, specifically about myself. The tip I have found most useful for when I have days like this is to "talk" to myself like someone I love. Just mentally replying to those thoughts of "I'm not good enough" or "Oh, I'm so stupid" with "Why would you say that about yourself? You're an awesome person," really helps.

Be content and spend less. I've really fallen out with this. Woops! I stopped tracking my spending for the past few months, but I have a page set up in my bullet journal for this month to track my expenses to get me back on track.

My biggest problem has been stationary. I've been buying so much washi tape, stickers, pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and notepads. Even though I really love creating things and making my planner and bullet journal cute, I need to slow down on these purchases and use up what I have.

Stress less, smile more. Again, this goal has been so easy to keep up with in the summer. I'm only taking one class at a time, the sun is shining, and I have plenty of time to enjoy doing what I love.

This is going to get a little tougher though when the new school year starts up and I have classes all day, homework, tests, projects, and papers to work on all at once. Hopefully my new organization systems help me out with staying calm.

Study French. This goal has not been happening. I think I studied French twice. Other than that, all I've done with French is read a few statuses on social media in French and listened to some French music.

Learning French is something I really want to do. I took French I and II, and I would really like to continue with the language and learn more so I can be fluent enough to have a conversation in French.

The struggle has really been with setting aside a time to study French and then sit down and study French instead of pushing it aside for something else. Originally I thought I would do "French Fridays," but that hasn't happened. I'm going to start writing this on my planner, so hopefully it gets done!!

Write daily in a diary. This goal has been happening. I am so glad I made this goal because I have really fallen in love with journaling again. I wrote a whole post about how I journal if you're interested in more details. I've also been (sporadically) keeping up with a list journal I started in April and faithfully bullet journaling every day.

I'm adding one new goal to this list for the new school year: Create something every day. This has been my goal in July with the Make Your Mark July challenge and I feel like it's really made life a lot more enjoyable. For me "creating" can be anything from doodling a picture, designing a page in my planner, working on a DIY project, or cooking up something delicious.

Are you still keeping up with your goals for 2015? Are you going to set some new goals for the new school year ahead of us?