Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Peek Inside My New Bullet Journal

I showed you guys how I use my bullet journal in June. I moved into a new bullet journal in July and changed a few things which are working out great for me, so I thought I would share a peek inside my new with you all.

I decided to put my cute navy "leather" journal from Walmart to use. It was in the "Mother's Day" section, so I got it for $3 after the holiday back in May. They had some cute stationary items that would work for anyone being marketed as Mother's Day gifts, so don't be afraid to look around at holiday stuff and use it for yourself or at different times of year!


When I open up the cover I have my little dashboard set up. I've been participating in some challenges lately, so I keep a notecard with all the challenge prompts inside the journal. This is so much handier than having to search for the prompts each day. I keep a few loose star stickers upfront for my goal tracker, which I'll show you later in this post. I also have a few sticky notes and page flags I stuck on the cover page for convenience. I love the blue and white chevron design that is printed on the inside cover page - so pretty!

Cover Page & Key

I designed a cute page with scrapbook paper I got at Walmart and a label from Michael's. I somewhat simplified my bullet journal key by getting rid of a few "signifiers" I didn't use.

Monthly Pages

I mark my monthly pages with a blue tab so I can just flip it open. I find a cute little calendar each month from designers I like online. It's nice to have a quick reference to what the month looks like. I have an "important happenings" section to write down big events, birthdays, holidays, test dates, and the likes. I also have a goals section where I write down what my goals for the month are.

Goal Trackers

This has been such a great way to actually see how you do on the goals, instead of just going off of "feeling" if I accomplished a goal or not. I make a mini calendar and write the goal I'm tracking above it. I mark the days I accomplish the goal with some star stickers I got at Dollar Tree.

Daily Pages - New Headings
My daily pages are my favorite part. I love having one spot for all my daily to-dos and to mark down little notes about what happens that day. I've been doing a new heading for the past month. I draw 4 little rain drops underneath the date to mark how much water I drink each day. For every glass of water I drink, I fill up a rain drop. This makes me so much more aware of how much water I drink each day and motivates me to drink more water.

Another thing I added to the heading is a little spot with the temps and a doodle to tell me if it will be rainy, sunny, or cloudy that day. I haven't done this lately as it has been so god-awful-hot outside everyday (ugh!!), but it is so nice to be able to look and see what it's like outside and to know how to dress for the day (like is it acceptable to wear jeans yet?). Since the weather changes so much here, I just add this section in the night before when I make my list for the next day.

Lists I Keep

Usernames and passwords, recipes to try, watch list, projects to get done, self-care ideas, wishlist, and quotes.

Do you keep a bullet journal? Have you tried anything new in yours recently?

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