Saturday, August 15, 2015

Academic Planner Set Up

It's back to school season and that means with all the homework, quizzes, tests, projects, and papers coming up it's time to get organized! I find the best way to keep up with all of this is to keep a separate planner just for school. This is actually a habit my school district taught us beginning in middle school when they gave us a free planner each year to write down all of those due dates. I've continued this into my college career. 

Now I have a great, budget-friendly way for you to create your very own personalized academic planner for under $20! I got most of my supplies from the Target Dollar Spot and you can still find similar items there! They get new stationery items in all the time so you can give your academic planner an update whenever you're in need of a bit of a change!

DIY Personalized Academic Planner for under $20

Here's what I used to make my personalized planner for school:
  • Mini Binder ($4)
  • Blank Planner Pages ($3)
  • Blank Lined Pages ($3)
  • Page protectors ($5)
  • Scrapbook paper (Mine is from a book of scrapbook paper I bought for $5 at Walmart)

DIY Personalized Academic Planner for under $20

When you open up the planner the first thing you see is my cute little dashboard! I attached the list pad, sticky notes, and page flags to the inside of the binder. I cut down this cute scrapbook paper, and put it in a page protector to greet me every time I open it up.

DIY Personalized Academic Planner for under $20

After the dashboard, I placed a look at the month of September. The month sheets I got from Target are a little thin - after all they were in the dollar section - but neither one of my pens bled onto the next page. I followed up the monthly view with a weekly planner pages for September, and so on for the rest of the months.

DIY Personalized Academic Planner for under $20
DIY Personalized Academic Planner for under $20

After the typical planner stuff, I have a notes section which is super important for me. I like to see all of the assignments I'll have to do for the week in one spot, so the notes section will allow me to do that and add in any other tidbits I need to have written down. For easy access I cut down another sheet of scrapbook paper to slip into a page protector.

DIY Personalized Academic Planner for under $20

This will be a great system to keep track of everything school related this year. From homework assignments to test dates to events and activities I'll be on top of everything going on!

Do you use a planner to keep up with a hectic school year? What kind do you use?