Friday, August 21, 2015

Creating Your Best About Page

I just posted a new about page I've been slowly working on for the past 2 weeks. I did some research on how to write a good about page, wrote a couple drafts, and took some photos. Today, I'm just going to tell you how to create an about page on Blogger in case you don't know how and give you a few pointers for your about page.

How to create your best about page on blogger

Creating an About Page on Blogger
To create your about page, you'll click on the "Pages" section on Blogger. Once you get there, hit "New page." You'll be able to write your about page (or any other page you'd like to add), add photos, links, or anything else you might want on the page. You can save the page as a draft as often as you'd like and preview how it will look, just like you would be able to with any post you're creating on Blogger.

To add a link to your about page (or any page) on your blog, go to the "Layout" section. Click "Add a Gadget" and scroll down to "Pages." You can title this gadget anything you want and it will ask you to place a check mark next to any published pages you'd like to add a link to on your sidebar. To make this list into tabs on the top of your blog, you simply drag the gadget to the top of your blog layout. Once you've made the Pages gadget the way you want it, click save arrangement and you're good to go!

Why I Needed A New About Page
The biggest problem with my first about page was that it wasn't "me" at all. I tried to model it after one of my favorite blogger's and so it felt like I was trying to imitate what I thought a blogger should sound like when I read it. The writing style I used, the layout, and everything about it did not reflect who I am.

Another problem with it was that the description I gave of my blog was too broad. When I created this blog in December, I honestly had no idea what my "niche" would be or what I would be blogging about. So when I wrote what kind of posts the blog would feature, I just listed anything that I might write about. Basically, I had a list of blog post ideas for a description of what I was going to blog about.

Tips for A New About Page

Include a picture of yourself. I feel weird plastering my face all over the blog and don't like taking photos of myself too often, but it adds a personal element. Besides, don't you want to look at the person you're talking to?

Write it like your introducing yourself to someone. This is kind of a "duh," but from what I told you about my first about page you can tell I didn't know this. There's a lot of pressure to make a killer about page, but what's most important is to show who you are. If you're solely focused on writing an awesome about page and trying to make it seem "bloggerish," you might lose out on some of who you are. So instead of focusing on that, just write like you're introducing yourself to someone you hope to friends with.

Include some basic information about you, what your blog is about and why you created it, what your loves or interests are, and a few random facts about yourself.

Have you ever tried to imitate what you think a blogger should be? Do you have any tips for creating an about page?