Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How I Plan for Blogging

I am all about the planning, and planning for my blog is no different. I love looking at a blank sheet of paper and filling in the days I blog with ideas, dreaming up future post ideas, keeping helpful tips on paper, and recording what gets published!

3 tools to help you plan your editorial calendar

Some people are all about the apps when it comes to planning, but I'm an old-fashioned paper and pen kind of girl so I mainly use a notebook, monthly planner, and folder to plan what I will be blogging about each month.


In my notebook I have a little T-chart I make to plan out post ideas. I write down the dates of all the Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays in the month on the left side of the chart and I write down what post I think I'm going to write on the right side. 

When I write down what posts I'm going to write I have my planner out with me so I can keep any holidays or big events in mind while planning what I'm going to write about.

I'm also pretty flexible with this plan. If you look at what I have planned for July and what I actually wrote in July, you'll notice I changed a few things. If I have a post planned, but I do something fun over the week I want to share or make a cool project, I'll swap that in and save what I had planned for a later date. I think that's important. Don't force yourself to stick to a plan if you get an even better idea for a post later!

On the other half of the notebook page I add in future post ideas as I think of them so I have them written down in one place. It makes it easy to reference at the beginning of the next month when I write up my new blog post ideas. I also added in a page-view tracker in July. I just think its fun to be able to see how the number of people reading my blog grows.

Monthly Planner

With my monthly planner I track what I actually post on the blog and when. 

Like I said, sometimes I get great ideas for a blog post and swap that for what I originally had planned so I use this for referencing when I last posted things (so I don't write the same blog posts all the time) and to be able to look back on what I've written.


The folder I use for print-outs of blog ideas, a list of past posts, and the blog planner sheets I used for the first few months I was blogging. It's helpful to keep all those random tidbits together in one place. 

I also use the folder to keep my monthly planner and blog notebook in. This way when I'm on the go, I can just grab it and know I have everything I need.

Other helpful tools

I also use my bullet journal to write down my blog to-dos for the day like what photos to take, what posts to write or publish, if I need to do a link up, and all of that fun stuff. 

I use Microsoft One Note as well to write rough drafts and record ideas for future posts, keep a list of tips and tricks (like what colors I use, font sizes, etc), and a list of what I am working on for the week.

When I'm on the go and an idea hits me or I need to write something down to reference when writing a post later on, I add it to the Notes app on my iPhone. Yep, just the basic Notes app all iPhones come with. So simple and all I really need. When I'm sitting down, I add the ideas to my notebook or One Note.

How do you plan for blogging? Any good tips you'd like to share?

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