Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer 2015 Recap

It's hard to believe, but summer is almost over. I have one more week before the fall semester starts for me so I thought a quick review of how I spent my summer would make for a good post. From a couple of fun trips, to a concert, to all those little things that make a summer memorable - here's a look at how I spent my summer!

Even though it's summer, I still took 2 classes, American History and English Literature, to lessen my course load this fall. Going through a whole semester of class in 4 weeks was a bit of a challenge, but I made it out of both classes with an A!

My family and I went traveled to Colorado for our summer vacation. We enjoyed walking around the shops in downtown Estes, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, and of course taking lots of photos. Colorado is so beautiful and always one of our favorite states to visit. I couldn't get enough of all the mountains, lakes, and green.

I was able to cross a few other things off my summer bucket list. I did a little shopping for stationary, spent some time at the lake with friends, and finally finished my 2014 scrapbook. I just started reading a new book last week, so there's a chance I'll be able to cross that off my list before summer officially ends.

I visited a friend in Kansas City and saw Idina Menzel from second row seats at Starlight Theater. It was amazing to hear her sing some of my favorite songs live (Defying Gravity, Don't Rain on My Parade, and Let It Go). She's such a funny person and I would absolutely recommend you see her live if you get the opportunity to!

This summer I also went on a little day trip with my brother to the Homestead National Monument, spent more time being creative with the #MakeYourMarkJuly challenge and making my own planner stickers.

It's also been a big summer for my blog. I had my 6 month blogiversary in June, which is also when I started to take this venture a bit more seriously by promoting it on social media, joining in on link ups and blogging chats, and reading up on how to be a better blogger. I'm so glad I have because now I really can't imagine life without this little space on the internet!

How about you? How did you spend your summer? Did you go on any fun trips, see a cool concert, or have any big moments?

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