Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall

I've already gone on about some of my favorite things about fall, but I left out one little thing - decorating for fall! I'm slowly building up a collection of fall decorations. I of course wanted to share with you lovelies a few of the ways that I decorate for fall on a budget!

4 easy ways to decorate for fall

Desk Corner

I've shown some of the ways I decorate my little desk corner in the past. Basically, I have this white mug and black frame I purchased from Dollar Tree, and every month or holiday, I switch up what I'm decorating these items with. For fall I got a cute orange ribbon to tie around the mug and I cut a little triangle into each end of the ribbon for a little extra flair. I found some super pretty fall stickers at Walmart so I used those to create a "wreath" around my handlettered "OtoƱo" (which means "fall/autumn" in Spanish). I'm quite the fan of this little set up.

Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall
Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall


I recently became a lover of candles. I don't know how I lived without a huge selection of them! I've mostly collected fruity summer scents, but I'm excited to start buying a few more fall scents. I have Falling Leaves from Sonoma which smells AMAZING. I'm looking to get an apple, a pumpkin pie, and a vanilla scent, too.


What's more fall like than pumpkins? Of course you can always decorate with real pumpkins, but there's also a lot of cute pumpkin figurines to decorate with. I found the two light/bright orange pumpkin figurines at an antique store, and the dark orange pumpkin from Dollar Tree. I love these little guys! 

Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall
Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall


What candy is better too keep on hand in fall than some candy corn! I thought it would be a good idea to display in a glass bowl.  I'm going to be honest, I don't like candy corn. But it's such a fall candy (and super cheap!), so I just went ahead and bought some. Hopefully my friends will like it. :) I put all these together on a little white tray I bought, so I have a cute little pop of fall on my table.

How do you decorate for fall? What's your favorite scent for fall?