Saturday, September 5, 2015

How I Prep For A New Week

Everyone has their own routine for getting ready for a new week. Being the person I am, I try to do a few things over the weekend to get myself prepared for a new week.

How I Prep for a New Week

Meal plan and buy groceries for the week. When I meal plan I just write down several meals I'd like to make that week so when it's time to cook, I know what my options are. I take stock of what foods I already have and what I need to buy when making my list of meals and grocery list. I always go to the grocery store with a list of what to buy on the weekends so I don't forget anything and to prevent impulse purchases. I know the grocery store is busy on weekends, but I find it more convenient to do it on the weekend than during the week.

Get laundry and chores done. I don't know anyone who enjoys doing laundry, but it's something that's got to get done! I do mine over the weekend so it's one less thing I have to worry about doing during the week. I also try to tackle one cleaning project on the weekends like scrubbing down the kitchen or cleaning up my room - I'm known to let things pile up during the week. I also take care of any other chores that need done like vaccuming, taking the trash out, and washing dishes.

How I Prep for a New Week

Finish up class work. As a college student I have a seemingly never ending list of textbooks to read, assignments, tests to study for, and papers to write. Even though I work on this during the week, I use my weekends to catch up on class work if I've fallen behind, create summaries of notes, and (hopefully) get a head start for the upcoming week. I get stressed a little too easy, so doing a little extra work on the weekends helps me to feel a little more calm during the week and prevents me from having to pull all-nighters to cram the night before tests. Totally worth it.

Catch up on the news. The news can get pretty depressing, so I sometimes skip it during the week. I still want to be an informed citizen of the world, so I spend some time on weekend mornings catching up on the week's news. I prefer to just watch the news and enjoy hearing commentary on it (even though I wish they would just give me the facts and separate that from their opinions). Catching up on the weekends also means I don't have to watch as many fluff stories which is always a bonus.

Plan ahead for the upcoming week. Sunday evenings I write down a list of things I want/need to do that week, take a look at my planner and update it by adding any thing I forgot to write down or removing cancelled plans. I write down my to-do list for Monday in my bullet journal and decorate it with some washi, doodles, or stickers. I usually try to put a couple outfits together for the week to make getting ready in the mornings just that much easier. I also make sure my backpack is ready to go with all my class essentials and fully stocked with pencil lead and enough paper to get me through a week of note taking.

How I Prep for a New Week

Enjoy some me time. This is SO important for the weekends. I can easily fill my days during the week with classes, studying, errands, meetings, and other things I have to do. Even though I try to keep my evenings free, it doesn't always happen. That's why I really value my time on the weekends to do what I want to do. I'll get an art or craft project done, call home, spend time with friends, go to a store, take a walk outside, journal, read some stuff online, or enjoy a movie or tv show marathon. Part of prepping for a new week is getting yourself refreshed and ready to take on the new week! Some weeks I even try to get everything important done on Saturday so Sunday can be spent focused on getting myself energized.

What do you do to get ready for a new week? Are you going to add any of these things to your weekend routine?