Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Make Time for Yourself

Classes have started and my schedule is getting filled quickly. Between housework, organizations, studying, work, blogging, and spending time with friends. Trying to manage all of this makes it easy to put making time for yourself on the back burner. This usually results in me feeling worn out, depressed, and stressed about getting everything done. It's SO important to make time for yourself! You have to be able to get a little break in everyday for yourself to recuperate and stay motivated. Here are a few ways to make time for yourself.

How to Make Time for Yourself

Make it a part of your routine. 

Wake up an hour earlier so you have that extra time to focus on doing something you enjoy, getting a small workout in, or practicing yoga. If you're not as much of a morning person, you can choose a certain time each day at which you'll stop working on other projects. I try to stop working on school work at 5:00 so I can enjoy my evening. Of course sometimes I have to meet a group for a project in the evening or take an evening class, but setting a time that is your personal quitting time is a great way to make time for yourself.

Value yourself. 

When I don't make time for myself, it's usually because I'm not valuing my happiness or health. Instead, I put all my energy into getting stuff done for classes, organizations I'm involved in, and getting stuff ready for work. Even though these are things I enjoy, meeting deadlines and the pressure I put on myself to do well in these things can make them very stressful for me. That's why it's important for me to set aside a bit of my day to do things to take care of myself. Setting aside this time is really a way of letting myself know I'm important and deserve my time just as much as these other things.

Schedule it in. 

If you're really busy, you just have to schedule time for yourself. Write it in your planner and don't schedule anything else during this time. You can make it an hour on Thursday, a whole afternoon, or even an all-day event to make up for a hectic week.

How do you make time for yourself? What do you do with it?