Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up No. 11

This week I've been super unmotivated. I struggled to get up on time, didn't make it to the gym, and even ran away to do a little shopping because I couldn't bear to do any more school work. I'm hoping that this weekend will have given me some time to recuperate and start a new week with a better mindset.

On the blog I shared a few movies you should watch on your next movie night and a couple of my favorite blogs.

Friday was my sister's 18th birthday so I made the trip home for her special day! We enjoyed some cheesecake, she opened her presents, and we ate at her favorite restaurant - the local Chinese restaurant. After we watched TheAge of Adaline, but I thought it was pretty predictable. I got the entire story line from the commercials.

Saturday I visited my grandma who was babysitting a bunch of the little cousins (From a fourth grader down to a 1 year old!). I taught my fourth grade cousin a few animal names and the alphabet in Spanish (she thinks it's so cool) and of course did a lot of running around with all those little kids! They're so fun!

In the afternoon my family and I went out to a couple stores and to Cherry on Top for frozen yogurt to top off our festivities for my sister's birthday weekend.

Sunday I left early to head back to my apartment. I got some grocery shopping done and bought some healthier foods than last week so hopefully that will help me make better choices this week! I also did some reading for my history class and studied for my first exam of the semester on Friday.

And here's some pictures from the weekend:

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How was your weekend? Did you get any reading done over the weekend?

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