Sunday, October 11, 2015

Problems I Have with Pitch Perfect 2

My friends love Pitch Perfect. I know it's a really popular movie, but I have quite a few issues with this movie. The jokes they make and the way they portray people are really offensive. I usually stay away from super opinionated posts like this, but I just felt like writing up a post about it. 

Problems I Have With Pitch Perfect 2

Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, what's the difference?

Actually, Hispanic countries are vastly different from each other. They share a common language, but the  people who have shaped the countries, food, and history are all different. So no, they're not all the same. The US, Canada, England, Australia, and all the other English speaking countries aren't the same, neither are all the Spanish speaking countries.

The World War II Joke

Unlike some countries (*ahem*US*ahem*), Germany actually has made changes and apologized for killing millions of people. They also take hate speech really seriously, so I find this super inappropriate. Americans get offended when people say slavery still effects the way African Americans are treated today and police brutality. Why are we saying something so stupid in a movie?

No *wink*

Do you know how hard women have had to fight to have their voices heard? Do you know how often people use this as an argument for why women are raped and sexually harassed? This sets women way back and in some ways is making fun of women who have been sexually abused or raped.

"I don't know your name. Could be anything. Obese Denise. Inflexible Tina. Lazy Susan."

So all plus size women are lazy, inflexible and can be made fun of? Is that what we want to tell young girls in a movie where all but 2 of the girls in this singing group are the typical Hollywood body type?


Because she's from Guatemala she's apparently had the worst upbringing. I haven't personally been to Guatemala, but I can guarantee that people there have happy lives and are not defined by any poverty they may live in. Even saying that, just because you're from Guatemala doesn't mean that you're poor and had no access to health care. Obviously she is in college in America, so she must be intelligent, had access to education, and presumably health care - making half the jokes about her ridiculous.

Lesbian Jokes

Not cool. Just because you are into girls doesn't mean that the whole time you're in a woman's organization your checking out other girls and sexually harassing them.

Lilly & Asian-American Characters

The sole Asian-American character in this movie, Lilly, is a total weirdo (for lack of a better word). She won't talk to people, whispers creepy confessions. We couldn't make Lilly a more 2-dimensional character? In the first movie, all the Asian-American characters were rude, stuck up, quiet, and stand-off ish. Again, we couldn't create characters with different personalities? No 2 dimensional characters for Asian-Americans?

General White Privilege

I don't know if you could tell from the points made so far, but this movie has a LOT of white privilege going on. All non-white characters are portrayed as "other" in fairly extreme ways.

Do you have any of these problems with Pitch Perfect?