Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap No. 14

This week has been a week. It's been pretty good as far as food, spending time with friends, and even having time for a craft! But as far as school work, it is getting crazy! It's six weeks into the school year so the amount of homework keeps getting bigger and it's a bit overwhelming at times. Even the professors are feeling the overwhelm! When life gets like this you just have to focus on one task at a time, do what you can, and make sure you leave some time to relax and take care of yourself. I'm trying to stay positive and deal with it one way at a time.

On the blog I shared some tips for getting homework done, a a little photo diary of a beautiful sunrise, and a spur of the moment post about why I don't like Pitch Perfect 2.

Weekend Wrap No. 14

On Friday I started my weekend by ordering a pizza with my friend before heading out to watch a movie. An organization at my university hosted a Hispanic Film Festival, so I went to see Después de Lucía. It's a Mexican movie about bullying and sexual violence in high school. I was not prepared for how heavy this movie would be. Sadly though, I know this movie isn't much of an exaggeration as I've seen countless girls bullied out of my high school for much the same reasons and a girl in high school in my college town had many of the same issues, too. In high school I always tried to be nice to girls who were being bullied, but I never really stuck up for them because I didn't want to get bullied, too. I'm glad I at least offered some kindness, but I wish I would have stuck up for them more. So if you see someone being bullied or sexually harassed, stick up for them. Tell the proper authorities, tell the bullies to stop, and offer a smile and some kindness to the person being harassed. Even just asking them to sit with you or giving them a compliment can mean a lot.

Saturday I laid in bed until noon. I was up at 8:30, but I didn't really get up until 1. Instead I enjoyed some blog reading and netflixing. It was a much needed break. When I finally did get up I was productive all afternoon and then my friend came over for movie night.

Sunday I lazied around in the morning again. Once I got up though I cleaned the bathroom, did a little shopping with friends, and then we settled in to watching a few episodes of Law & Order SVU.

Sadly, this is a weekend when I didn't really take photos, so I'm sorry there's none to share. I promise next weekend will some!

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How was your weekend? Did you spend any time with friends?