Saturday, November 14, 2015

How to Come Up with More Blog Post Ideas

This summer I shared a post about how I plan for blogging where I talked all about how I plan out my editorial calendar for the month. What I didn't tell you is how I come up with a month's worth of blog post ideas. If you have ideas for lots of blog posts, writing a schedule of when and what you will post is a lot easier!

The way I keep all of these ideas organized is by writing them down in my blogging notebook. I really think everyone should have one! I have a list on my phone as well so I can jot down ideas on the go, but I add them to my blogging notebook about once a month or so. This way all (or at least most) of my ideas are all in one place I can easily reference.

6 Ways to Come Up With More Blog Post Ideas

Take Note

This is the number one way I come up with blog post ideas. Keeping a running list of blog post ideas is a great way to constantly have new blog post ideas. I never know when an idea will come, so I have a list on my phone for those random moments when a great blog post idea comes to me while I'm out and about. I get a lot of ideas when driving back and forth from work, when looking around online, and even just walking around Target! I add the ideas from my phone list to my blog notebook about once a month so all my post ideas are in one central location.


I come up with so many blog post ideas by brainstorming. I just sit down with my blogging notebook and write down any idea that comes to me. Write down every idea, no matter if it seems silly at the time. Another important thing to think of when brainstorming, is what kind of posts you want to write. For me, I try to think of some general life posts, college related post ideas, blogging tips I might share, and some how-to posts I could write. If there's something special I want to write about that month, I try to think up some post ideas for that topic, too.

Monthly Topics

Another way I come up with lots of blog post ideas is by brainstorming post ideas related to holidays and important dates for that month. Sometimes the holidays are really obvious (Halloween, Christmas, New Year's), but there's something going on every month whether it's the start of a new season, back to school, or National Best Friend's Day. Once I know what's happening that month, I have another brainstorming session of anything I could write related to that. I try to think of a list, a craft, a recipe, or anything else that could make a good blog post related to that holiday/event.


I get so many ideas from reading other blogs. I'm not telling you to steal posts from other blogs (DO NOT DO THAT), but you might read a post and think of a great idea based off a point made, a thought you have after reading the post, or maybe you have a totally different opinion than that person. You might see someone post about their recent trip and realize you never posted about that awesome time you had in Hawaii. If you get a post idea while reading other blogs, add it to your list! 

Think About What YOU Like to Read

This is so important - write about what you would want to read! If you're not interested in your posts, no one else will be. If you save posts you like on Bloglovin or Pinterest, take a look through those to get some inspiration. Maybe you save a lot of posts about nutrition and cooking. You could write a post with 5 delicious and nutritious meals or share one of your recipes. Again, it's important not to steal these posts, but to look at them and think about how you could put your own spin on it or see if it gives you an idea for a blog post.

Live Life

If all you do is sit around in the evenings, you might not have a lot of blog post ideas. You need to do things whether that be a craft project, a trip to a pumpkin patch, a little shopping haul, or exploring downtown. There are so many things I've done in my regular life that I turn into a blog post. One of my favorites is a little day trip I did with my brother that I made into a photo diary post. So go on some adventures and have fun!

Now that you know how I come up with blog post ideas, you can use them for your blog. Hopefully you'll be bursting with enough ideas to keep you going for a couple months!

How do you come up with blog post ideas? How do you keep track of them?