Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Goals

November is here! With the beginning of a new month, it's always good to look back and reflect how the past month went, and how you can make this month even better. I've made a few goals for this month for school, blogging, and life. 

November Goals

Get on top of my schedule and course load. 

I feel like October got so hectic with midterms, my block class starting, and trying to keep up with everything going on in my daily schedule. I spent quite a few days procrastinating instead of getting down to business (oops). This month I'm hoping to get on top of my schedule again so I can keep up with my course load better. 

Finish crocheting my blanket.

I started crocheting a blanket last winter. I'm about thisclose to finishing it. It's my first time crocheting a blanket, so it's not perfect and that's made me give up on it a few times. Hopefully I can finish it this month and then move on to another that will be even better. 

Post four times a week.

I started posting four times a week in October because I was so far ahead on my posts. I have had so many ideas bouncing around in my head, so I'm going to continue doing it and make it a permanent thing. I will be getting a new post up four times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday!

Organize 2015 photos and order prints.

I finally finished my 2014 photo album this summer, and I'm hoping to at least get my 2015 album started before the year ends. I've begun organizing the photos on my laptop from random photos to photos I want printed. I've only gotten through February so let's see if I can get the next 9 months sorted so I can order prints!

Those are my goals for November. Do you have any projects you're hoping to get done this month?

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