Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Favorites

October has come and gone already. October was a super busy month for me with my cat getting really sick and luckily recovering for the most part, midterms (scary!), a new season of one of my favorite TV shows, and of course Halloween! I was able to hear an amazing speaker thanks to my college's international cultures festival, take a little trip to the pumpkin patch, and more. I was also able to get some time in with my friends this month (always a good thing) and somehow got several weeks ahead on my blog despite all the busyness (read: I use this to procrastinate studying). With all of that happening this past month, I figured sharing a few of my favorites from October might be a good way to recap!

October Favorites

Netflix Reign
I love so many things about this show.  I love the characters and the many interesting relationships between them. The music is the best. It's like they took my iPod and just uploaded my ultimate soundtrack. I also like that it shows that being queen was not all that we assume it is today. The show is full of half-hearted alliances, betrayal, conspiracy, and murder plots. Basically, it's a history lover's dream for a teen drama.

I just started watching American Horror Story last season with one of my friends and quickly caught up on all the previous seasons, too. I'm loving the creepy vampire children, Gaga, and of course Evan Peters. 

I hadn't seen Drunk History until one of my friends from class showed it to me. I laughed so much!! This is basically how I write my history notes - not drunk, but I use quite a few cuss words (yep, you're getting to know the real me now haha) and super casual in tone. These are also great videos because I love seeing what actors and actresses are in these clips - Octavia Spencer as Harriet Tubman? Yes, please!

Color Maroon
Maroon nails, maroon tops - anything and everything!

Food Caramel Apples
My favorite thing about October is caramel apples. I especially love a good caramel apple with nuts all over. I say it's healthy because it's a fruit and nuts - right?

Blogs Living for the Now and Missamrunaway

What were some of your favorites this month?