Thursday, November 12, 2015

Where I Get Inspiration From

Inspiration is something we're all looking for, isn't it? Whether it's inspiration for your next project, a new blog post, or even just mustering up enough inspiration to get up out of bed. We're all just looking for something to get us excited about life and ready to take on the world. I get my inspiration from lots of different places, from the music I'm listening to to the encouragement my mom gives me. I thought I would make a list of some of the main places I can always get inspiration from.


Taking a walk outside always gets me inspired. The  flowers, fall leaves, sunsets, clouds, and butterflies are all so beautiful. It always inspires me to look for beauty in the little, everyday things I take for granted.

School / Learning

In the day to day this can be what drains me, but if I take a step back it's absolutely incredible. All of these amazing, super smart people are willing to share their knowledge with me! Through them I'm able to learn so many amazing things, and that's a privilege that women have had to fight for and continue to fight for (especially in some areas). From the women who have fought and continue to for education for females to the college professors sharing what they have learned to the actual subject matters school is actually a very inspiring place to be!

If you're out of school, you can still be inspired by learning! You can watch videos by Vsauce or CrashCourse for a quick lesson on almost any topic. If you have a bit more time, you can watch a TedTalk or maybe even take part in an ecourse. Of course, you can always pick up some books, too! 

Other Blogs 

As always, it's important to differentiate inspiration from other blogs versus just copying someone else's post (or entire blog). For me, reading other people's content, seeing their photography, and how they design their blog inspires me to better my blog. Sometimes just scrolling through a few blogs can get me inspired to write something new based off a little sentence or phrase that gets my brain running in a thousand different directions with new ideas!


I can be kind of quiet, but I love a good conversation. To get inspired from a conversation, it doesn't have to be a deep, philosophical conversation about the meaning of life. Sometimes it can be a funny story my friend is telling me about her weekend, sometimes it's a debate about politics with my dad, sometimes it's a chat with a classmate, and sometimes it's one of those fast paced twitter chats! Talking to people and hearing their experiences and perspectives can be really inspiring. It gives you a fresh view to see the world from. 


You know those photos on other blogs and Pinterest that you wish you could walk into? The perfect room, the most lovely fall leaves, a winter wonderland complete with fresh snow and twinkle lights? Those all inspire me. They can inspire me to change thinks to make my life the way I want it to be, to give my room a good cleaning, or to appreciate the season we're in.

Where do you get your inspiration from?