Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Goals

December’s here and with it comes finals, saying goodbye to a friend (she’ll be student teaching 2 hours away *sad face*), my 1 year blogiversary (what!?!), holidays, and ending another year. With all of this going on, I’m definitely going to need some goals to keep me on track as I finish the semester and 2015.

December Goals | 4 goals for December by Courtney's Little Things

Finish the semester on a high note.

I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed with school for the past month (or two). For me that’s meant procrastinating and not trying my best in classes. For the last 3 weeks of class and finals, my goal is to get work done as soon as possible, study for finals, and do my best to end happy with the work and effort I’ve put into these classes.

Take care of myself.

With finals, holidays, and the pressure I put on myself this time of year, I really need to take care of myself. My goal will be to have one hour a day to myself to focus on something just for me, whether that be doing something arty, reading a book of my choosing, or maybe even pampering myself. No matter what  I do with that time, it should be technology free (with the exception of playing some music on my phone whilst drawing/painting/crafting) and time for me to just be alone and reflect.

Enjoy time with family.

With winter break and the holidays, I’ll be spending a few weeks at my family’s house and visiting all the relatives. Since I am an introvert, this can get pretty overwhelming to me as my smallest family gathering is 20 people. I love my family though, so I want to enjoy getting to see everyone. Since I’ll be home for a few weeks, I want to have a few family days with my parents and siblings and visit some of my relatives who live close by a few extra times, too.

Create 2015 photo album.

Last month my goal was to sort through photos from this year to decide which ones to get prints of. This month I’m going to put them all in a photo album. This should only take a few hours, so it shouldn’t be hard to get done!

Those are my goals for this month. Do you have any goals for December? Are you going to be taking extra care of yourself this month, too?