Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up No. 22

This week has been crazy busy and fun. Monday I had a big presentation and it went really well. Tuesday my friends and I finally got to see Mockingjay together so I've now officially seen the movie twice. It is soo good! I absolutely loved reading the books and I felt like the movies are true to the books for the most part. Wednesday I had a great chat on the phone with my brother and a friend. I really cherish those moments where you're really able to connect with people who are far away. 

Thursday my mom came down to visit me and we had so much fun together!  I always love when she comes to visit. We had time to just sit and talk, eat lunch together, and do a bit of shopping. My mom also spent about 10 minutes taking photos of Burt. It was just so funny watching her trying to get a good photo of him because he's rarely still! The stereotype might be that turtles are slow, but Burt is a feisty little guy and he's always swimming. 

Anyways, it was a week that despite being filled with work had a lot of good moments with friends and family. I guess it just goes to show how important it is to spend time with those you love!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 22 | Courtney's Little Things

Friday I got my weekend started with some planning. I did a bit of journaling for this week since I had extra space and filled up next week with all of the finals that are coming (ah!). I also made a list of all the things I need to do to prep for finals and although the list is a bit long, it just makes me feel better to see it all listed out and to see that there is indeed an end in sight!

In the evening my friends and I went out to eat and celebrate Christmas. We weren't supposed to get each other gifts, but I just couldn't help myself! So I gave everyone a little gift box with candy and a little holiday scented candle.

Saturday I went with my friend to visit her family. We had a nice time with them and got to eat at Quizno's - one of our favorites. When we got back home to our apartment we invited another friend over and watched Fast & Furious 7. What else would 3 girls do on a Saturday night?

Sunday I enjoyed sleeping in all morning. When I finally got up though, it was straight to work. I spent a few hours working on a paper and then studied for my 7:30 am final Monday morning.

How did you spend your weekend? Are you in college with finals coming up?