Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Blog Post Ideas

I’ve seen a lot of posts floating around with lists of post ideas for Christmas, but for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, don’t enjoy it, or are trying to plan ahead for January - I’ve put together a list of 10 winter blog post ideas. I was brainstorming winter blog post ideas for myself anyways, and figured I’d help you guys out, too!

10 Blog Post Ideas for Winter

  1. Winter Wonderland Photo Diary. Take a walk after it snows and post photos of all the perfect winteryness that surrounds you.
  2. Winter DIY. Share a cute and easy art print, decor piece, how to crochet your own blanket, or whatever other DIY idea you have!
  3. New Year’s Eve Party Ideas. Share some fun activities to do, a cute tablescape, ways to decorate, or food ideas to create the best New Year’s Eve party ever.
  4. How to Have the Best New Year’s Night In. Alternatively, you could share a few things to do for those planning on staying in New Year’s Eve.
  5. New Year Plans. Share all of the big things you have planned for this year - a trip, graduating, moving, getting a new job, a big birthday, or adopting a puppy.
  6. New Year Resolutions. Share some of your goals for 2016. I gave updates on mine throughout 2015 and found it helped to keep more accountable and made me reflect on how I was doing.
  7. Why I Love/Hate Winter. Tell us all about why you love (or hate) this time of year. I loved reading these in autumn, so I can’t wait to read some about winter!
  8. Ways to Spend a Snow Day. We all love winter because of the excuses it gives us to stay in, but after a while it can get a bit boring. Help your readers beat cabin fever by giving them some ideas of how to spend a snowy day indoors.
  9. Your Winter Playlist. Maybe it’s just me, but I listen to different music throughout the year. I like listening to more pop and feel good music during summer, but during winter I prefer listening to more alternative and quiet music.
  10. Winters Past Photo Diary. I would love to see some cute photos from when you were little playing in the snow, all bundled up like the kid from A Christmas Story. This could be a fun way to let your readers get to know you better and a good excuse to look through old photo albums.

Do you have any winter blog post ideas? Are these ideas helpful? If you use them, I'd love to see what you come up with!