Saturday, January 2, 2016

December Favorites

December had a pretty busy and stressful start for me as it was 2 weeks of trying to balance classes, assignments, prepping for finals, and making time for friends. Crazy! After finals week I took a week to relax, catch up on blog stuff, and most importantly spend time with family. 

December Favorites | A few of my favorites from the month of December from Courtney's Little Things

Christmas Present
I got my first Christmas gift from a student and it meant so much to me. I've been teaching Spanish to an 8th grader all semester and it just meant so much that she got me a gift! If you're a teacher, I'm sure you'll understand why this made me so happy. I put so much into the lessons each week and love watching her learn, so this little gift just meant so much to me.


This might be weird, but I've really been enjoying Myth Hunters! I'm interested in history and I like mysteries and such, so this turned into my show this month. Some of the episodes are about real discoveries like the man who found Machu Pichu. It's really interesting to hear about how this man "found" Machu Pichu during the early 1900s and see the original photographs. It's a good series.

My brother and sister are in high school and their big winter dance was January 3, so we were talking about songs they play at dances and I remembered this jem from my day. My sister was so impressed with my ability to do this dance. It was engrained in my head from all the practice my friend and I had in her room.


I have been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran this month. I just can't get enough! I always prefer more quiet and acoustic music in winter, so the majority of his music fits well with that mood. Also, his voice just makes me melt.


All the Christmas desserts - banana cream pie, chocolate marshmallow raisin bars, and homemade reese's bars. Every family gathering had one amazing dessert and I definitely indulged my sweet tooth between them all. 

Fleece pajama pants. I could (and have) spend all day in them. Fleece pajama pants are just so comfy and cozy. I finally pulled out my collection of them this month and have loved putting them on each night. They're just so perfect for winter.

Guilty Pleasures 

With finals, I was pretty stressed so I indulged in eating as much chocolate as I wanted to reward myself for studying and writing papers. I also relied way too much on caffeine.


Two of my favorite blogs from this month were Elleanor Wears and Liza Tait-Bailey. Eleanor writes about all sorts of great lifestyle topics. Liza is living out my dream of living abroad and I absolutely love all her thought posts (or however you refer to them) about life and all the emotions we go through.

What were some of your favorites this month? Did you end 2015 on a high note?

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