Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 27

Second week of classes is complete! This week was a bit more stressful since I had a student teaching meeting, heard about student teaching in all my classes, and started a class project that I don't feel I can do - but I know I can get it done, it just not be the exact grade I want.

Other than classes, my week has been focused on the weather. It's freezing cold and snowing! I'm not complaining (too much) though since the snow is really pretty.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 27 | from Courtney's Little Things

Friday I headed to my family's house after class. When I got home I had a nice time chatting with my parents.

Saturday was my brother's SEVENTEENTH birthday! My mom always sets up the dining room table with photos of the birthday person throughout the years. I think it's a fun way to celebrate a birthday and I always love looking at old photos anyways.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 27 | from Courtney's Little Things

We ordered pizza for dinner, ate cupcakes, and he got to open his presents. We also visited my grandparents that afternoon.

In the evening on Saturday I worked on a few canvases for my room here at my parents house. I'm just not too happy with my room here - at this point it's more of a storage space for all my extra stuff - so I thought painting some new canvases for a gallery wall would be good. I want to make a few more in different sizes, but I'm planning on making my room travel themed with photos of my past travels and travel quotes.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 27 | from Courtney's Little Things

Sunday it was back to my apartment. I did some tidying up and homework. When my roommate got back we watch some Law & Order SVU and ordered a pizza.

How did you spend your weekend?