Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why Your Blog is Awesome

I opened up my Pinterest and it seemed like every post on my home feed was about how to be a better blogger. "Why no one is reading your blog" is one that really made me worry. Like geesh, maybe no one is reading my blog but does that mean I have to change everything and come up with a strategic, detailed plan to get thousands of people to read it?

Now I'm not knocking blogging advice posts, I've written a few myself and I like reading other's blogging tips, too. I'm just saying that sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming. When that happens I have to remind myself why I started. It wasn't to check my stats at every hour or sit around all day on my computer. Instead I started it as a way to make me a little happier and focus on the positives so I would have something to write about and share here. I started my blog as a way to be creative and have an outlet for my love of writing and photographing. And as I got going I loved my blog because I loved getting to meet people and get to know them through comments, twitter chats, and following them on social media. Basically, I blog because I love it.

Why Your Blog is Awesome | 5 reasons why your blog is awesome, just the way it is! from Courtney's Little Things

In case you're feeling down about your blog or overwhelmed by all the blogging advice out there, here are a few reasons why your blog is awesome.
  1. It's yours. It's your space on the internet to talk about anything you want to.
  2. It's brave. If you think about it, blogging is pretty brave. It's saying "Hey, I'm willing to write these posts, put my heart and soul into it, and put it out there on the internet for all to read." 
  3. It's helping you grow and learn. When I look back at old posts, I can see how much I've changed, grown, and improved through blogging. My writing and photograph has improved, but I think I have, too. It's made me more confident, brave, and happy.
  4. It's something that makes you happy. Having a blog makes you happy because it combines so many different things you love. You probably love writing and/or photography, you love whatever you're blogging about, you love the little space and community you've made on the internet and all of that makes you happy - and it should!
  5. It makes your proud of yourself. Every time I hit publish, I feel so proud of myself. I came up with an idea, wrote the post, took some photos for it, edited the photos, edited the writing, formatted it, scanned over it a hundred times and made a  thousand little changes. I put all of that work into it and that makes me pretty darn proud of myself!

Feeling better and a lot more positive about your blog? Good! 

What do you love about blogging? What makes your blog awesome?

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