Saturday, February 13, 2016

10 Ways to Spend the Weekend

The weekend. The best part of the week. Sometimes it comes though, we don't have any plans and get a little bored. There's so many things to do on the weekend though! Here are a few fun ways you can spend your weekend.

10 Ways to Spend the Weekend from Courtney's Little Things


Cookies, brownies, cake, and everything in between! Since you have some extra time, there's no reason why you can't make a yummy treat or two. Besides, calories don't count on the weekend.

Cook a proper meal.

You know that Pinterest board filled with all the recipes you promise yourself you'll cook someday? Now's the time to try out that recipe and cook a proper meal for yourself. Of course you can always invite a friend or two over to help you eat it or save the leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Read a book.

Reading a good book has no comparison. Visit the library, head to a local bookstore, or pick one off your bookshelf at home and settle in to your favorite chair for a bit of reading. If you're a devoted reader, you can even finish the whole book over the weekend.

10 Ways to Spend the Weekend from Courtney's Little Things

Art or craft project.

This is my favorite way to spend the weekend! As you may know, I love painting a canvas or decorating my planner on the weekend (which is totally a craft project). It's so relaxing and rewarding to be able to see the finished product of your handiwork!

Sleep in.

Because it's the weekend. And you can. And no one can judge you.

Go somewhere new.

Try a new restaurant or cafe, visit a museum, or take a walk at a park and enjoy some time outside. The world is a big place - there's always someplace new to explore! If you have the time and money you could even go on a little day trip or weekend getaway. 

10 Ways to Spend the Weekend from Courtney's Little Things

Watch some DVDs.

Netflix is good, but your DVDs are probably collecting dust. Get them out and watch some of your favorites! 


Remember when you were going to finally get fit and healthy? Well now's the time! Hit the gym, find a workout video on YouTube, go for a run, or practice yoga. There's no reason why you can't take an hour out of your day to take care of your body on the weekend.

Call or visit family.

Parents, siblings, grandparents - you love them but sometimes you just don't get a chance to call them during the week. Take advantage of the weekend to visit if you live close enough or give them a call to catch up.

Have friends over (or go out if that's more your style).

Weekends are meant to be spent with friends! I always love when my friends and I get into a weekend ritual of ordering Chinese takeout or pizza, catching up, and watching a movie. Lots of laughing is usually involved and it's always great to be with the people who are important to you!

So there's 10 ways I like to spend the weekend, just in case you need some new ideas. How do you like to spend your weekends? Are you going to do any of these this weekend?

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