Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Favorites

January marked the end of my glorious winter break and the beginning of my final semester on campus. Despite not wanting to head back to school and reality, I've enjoyed my classes so far and it looks like it will be a good semester. This month I've actually done quite a few new things - although they are quite  small like watch new shows, read a new book, listen to a "new" artist, try a new way of teaching, and met some new people.

January Favorites | Monthly favorites from Courtney's Little Things


A new show that I've been looking forward to watching has just started - Colony. It's on USA and stars Josh Holloway who played one of the most intriguing characters on Lost (also, a fairly good looking guy). It's about an occupied Los Angeles and the choice between protecting your family or standing up for what you believe in. It's quite interesting and I'm always a sucker for shows that pose big questions like that. 


I watched a documentary on Netflix called Winter On Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom. As an outsider looking in, I was quite confused by all that went on between Ukraine and Russia in 2014. I understood some of the history of it, but am not exactly an expert on that area of the world (western education). But I was very interested in what was going on and so was interested in watching this documentary.

I've had it saved for awhile on My List and finally got around to watching it this month. It was a bit more explicit about the violence that occurred than I was prepared for, but I felt I needed to watch it because this is what people truly went through in order to get the freedom they wanted. I also felt I needed to watch it because police brutality is a hot issue in the United States as well, and it was interesting to see in this documentary how peaceful protests quickly turned into violence caused by the police.  Obviously, I mean no disrespect if you or a loved one are a member of the police force. I understand it's a tough job, I just personally feel there has been an overall issue with excessive force and brutality as of late.


I got into watching Boho Berry's videos about her bullet journal on YouTube this month.  This just proves I'm addicted to planning. I love peeking inside Kara's bullet journal! Her pages are seriously stunning - I wish my handwriting and doodles looked that good! Here she show's you how she set up her personal bullet journal for 2016 and how she's changing it up from 2015.


David Bowie. When he passed away this month, I honestly didn't think I knew any of his songs, but decided I'd give his music a listen and it turns out he's one of those artists  that I know a ton of their songs, I just didn't realize he made them. I really enjoy his music and I'm glad that I realized that. My favorite songs are "Life on Mars," "Heroes," "Space Oddity," "Let's Dance," and "Changes."


I got a copy of I Am Malala for Christmas and I cannot tell you how much I love it. I actually wrote a paper about girl's education in Pakistan last semester, so I already had a lot of background information to build on and was able to connect a lot of what I wrote and researched to her story. The education system in Pakistan is very underdeveloped and girls are often prevented from going to school because of the role they are expected to fill in traditional society - that of wife, mother, and care-taker of the home. Anyways, the book has taught me so much about Pakistan, the Pashtun tribe, education, and of course Malala and her family. Her father is a fighter for education as well and he chose to raise his daughter differently by celebrating her birth (even though she wasn't a boy) and encouraging her education. I'm only halfway through I Am Malala, but can't wait to finish it!


I did a lot of cooking when I returned to my apartment after winter break and I have to say, I missed my cooking! I love my mom's cooking (especially since I don't have to cook everyday), but there's something wonderful about putting ingredients together to make a great meal yourself. So some of my favorite things I've made are homemade pizza, strawberry muffins, and roasted garlic parmesan pasta.


Gloves and winter headbands that keep your ears warm. With all the snow and below freezing temperatures, I am very grateful for my winter gear as I walk to classes.


Welcome to Aly's World. Aly had some great back to school posts this month and she always has the best tips for college and studying throughout the year. Her blog is always positive and relatable to me. Also, she's one of the nicest people and I always appreciate all the support she gives me!

Sophie Rose. Sophie's blog is another that I've been loving this month. I love her photos (so pretty!) and reading her thoughts on things from her outfits to surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. She always has something good to read!

What were some of your favorites this month? Did you start 2016 on the right foot?

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