Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day Trip Essentials

Day trips are a great way to explore the beautiful parks, cities, and areas around you. They're also a great way to escape from day to day life without having to pay for a hotel or overnight stay somewhere. If you've been keeping up with my weekend wrap ups as of late, you'll know I've been on a couple different day trips over the past month. I've been to two state parks which you can read about here and here and Arbor Lodge if you'd like to read about those trips. I've got what I put in my bag for day trips down, so I thought I'd share with you what I take when I know I'll be out for the day!

Day Trip Essentials from Courtney's Little Things


Whenever I'm going to be out, I always take a bottle of water with me. I like to have something to drink in the car if it will be a long ride and of course I need to stay hydrated when out walking in the summer heat. It saves a few dollars if you bring a bottle from home and if you use a reusable bottle or tumbler, it helps the environment too. 


Much like having a drink with me, I always like to have a little snack should I get hungry. If you're gone all day or doing a lot of walking and exploring you can get hungry, so bringing a little snack with you is a little life saver. My favorite snack to take on the road is a good trail mix since it's salty, sweet, and a bit chocolatey! Plus it has a bit of protein in it to give a bit more energy on a long day. And as with bringing your own water, this will save a few dollars and possibly stop you from making a worse decision like picking up candy at a gas station or getting something at a fast food place.

Good walking shoes.

I always do a lot of walking when I'm out on a day trip, so it's important that I wear a good pair of shoes that will be comfy and help me make it through the day pain free. I get blisters from shoes really easily, so this is something I'm always sure I bring. Some days I even wear a pair of sandals in the car, slip into my walking shoes once I get to my destination, and then back into my sandals when I get back in the car. 


The sun is usually out this time of year and I swear it gets brighter and more intense each day! So whenever I'm going out, for a day trip or even just to run errands, I take a pair of sunglasses with me. I keep a pair of sunglasses in my bag at all times just to make it easier, along with a pair of sunglasses that are always in my car for the times I leave the sunglasses that should be in my purse on the table at home.


Along with sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun, I protect my skin from the sun by bringing sunscreen with me. I'm pretty pale and burn easily so I take an SPF 50 and reapply it every few hours so I don't end up with a nasty sunburn to remember my trip by.


Last, but my favorite item on this list is a camera! I like taking lots of pictures on my day trips, especially this summer since I know a vacation isn't in store for me this year.  It's always fun to capture moments for my 2016 album and to share here on Courtney's Little Things! Before I go I make sure my camera battery is charged because nothing is worse than taking 3 photos then having your camera die on you.

These are the six things I bring with me when I'm going out on a day trip. Like I said, day trips are a great way to explore the area around you and take a bit of a break from every day life. They're always so much fun and memorable. I'm hoping to go on a few more day trips this summer and I hope you're able to go on one or two yourself!

Have you been on any day trips this summer? What do you bring with you on your day trips?