Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Using A Bullet Journal On A Daily Basis

I've written posts before on my bullet journal, showing a look through all the pages and talking about why I like it. Despite having these posts here, I've never really told you how I use my bullet journal on a practical, every day basis. I thought now would be the perfect time, so here is how I use my bullet journal on a daily basis!

How I Use My Bullet Journal On A Daily Basis from Courtney's Little Things

Once A Week

I know I told you I'd show you how I use my bullet journal on a weekly basis, but to do so I have to tell you how I use my weekly page! Once a week, usually on Sunday I create my weekly page for the week. My weekly page consists of a list of tasks I want/need to get done that week. 

At the moment I have these tasks separated into 3 sections: At Home, On the Blog, and Personal. During the school year though the list is mostly school related tasks with a few home, blog, or personal tasks at the end of the list.  It makes me feel better to see what tasks I have to do for which class or category, so during the school year I color code, but right now I just list the tasks under the headings/sections I mentioned already.

I also keep a section for important dates that week like birthdays, appointments, and the likes.

In the Evening

I spend some time each evening planning for the following day in my bullet journal. Before I start planning for the next day though, I take stock of what happened that day using my trackers. I have a monthly expenses tracker and a habit tracker in my bullet journal. For the monthly expenses tracker I have a square for each dollar I spend so I can see how much I'm spending. For the daily habit tracker I have a table with each of my daily habits going down the left side and then a square for each day of the month. In the evening I fill in the squares of the habit/expenses tracker to mark my progress/spending.

After that I start working on my daily page. I work on the heading first which consists of the day, date, a weather signifier (sun, rain drops, cloud, etc), and the temperature for that day. Once the heading for the day is complete, I start writing down the tasks I want to complete that day and any appointments or meetings I might have. I like doing this best in the evenings because then I know I have everything set for the next day and don't have to worry about forgetting anything as I go to sleep.

In the Morning

In the morning I sit down with my bowl of cereal and take a look at what I have planned for the day in my bullet journal. This works really well for me because I get a little reminder of what the day holds and I can add in anything that might've slipped my mind the night before. Once I'm done with breakfast, I get started on one of the tasks for the day.

Throughout the Day

During the day I refer back to my bullet journal so I can tick tasks off as I complete them and figure out what to do next. Of course, if something comes up I can add that to my bullet journal as well.

That is how I use my bullet journal every day! While I change up the layouts of my pages and how I decorate them quite a bit (I'm constantly tweaking something!), I have been very consistent with the way I use it over the past year. This way works best for me - a little planning for the week on Sundays and daily planning each evening. Hopefully this all made sense. 

Let me know if you use a bullet journal and how you like to use it in the comments!