Saturday, November 5, 2016

October Favorites

October has been a month. I feel like I'm being negative lately, but I'm just going through a stressful and overwhelming time right now. I'm getting closer and closer to the end of it though. 

I had a stressful time this month when I had a bunch of things due all at the same time and then another difficult/frustrating time when I felt like I wasn't making any progress in one of the classes I'm teaching. Ugh. That was like the worst day. But I have been able to spend more time with my family this month which is so good. It's always so refreshing for me to be able to go home and visit my family on the weekends (even if I drive them nuts sometimes). I've also been taking time to be a bit more creative as of late which is something that I've been missing the past few weeks.

October Favorites


"Closer" by the Chainsmokers and Halsey. This song is my jam right now. Every time it comes on the radio I blast it and I have it on all my playlists at the moment. I can not get enough of this song! It's just so fun and I love both artists. So far, I've really only listened to the Chainsmokers' and Halsey's singles, but I'm going to have to give the rest of their albums a listen because I have a feeling I'll like every song they have!
"Try Everything" by Shakira. This is my inspirational song right now. It's from a children's movie, but I still am just struggling to figure everything out in the adult world so I really identify with this song and it just inspires me to keep going and try everything!


They put a new season of Reign up so I'm all about that, even if it gets more and more inaccurate historically. I highly doubt Queen Elizabeth I brought up living in a patriarchal society when entertaining possible suitors. Nevertheless, I've made it too far to give up now so I must keep watching. It's so good for the drama. You have to experience all the feels.


The Huntsman: Winter's War. I meant to see this movie in the spring, but I just never got around to it. When it came out this month, I rented it from Redbox annd then my mom bought it so I watched it again when I went home one weekend. I liked the first film and thought this one was just as good. I think you have to watch Snow White and The Huntsman first if you haven't seen it to understand all the characters and some of the storyline. Also, Chris Hemsworth.


SNL's takes on the presidential debates/election. Many a night I have found myself in a blackhole of SNL videos on YouTube, and it usually starts with watching SNL's take on the latest political scandal or debate. I have always loved SNL and believe they're at their finest during election season, and this was no exception. I love Kate McKinnon and I love her Hillary. She just does such a good job with the character as does honorary cast member Alec Baldwin as Trump. My personal favorites are the spoof on the first debatefamily feud political edition, and Melanianade.


I have been all about enchiladas this month. Don't ask me why, I just started craving them. And then cooking them once a week.


Going to the pumpkin patch! My family has a favorite pumpkin patch that we visit every year. It's just a small one owned by a family, but they have such a good selection of pumpkins, a super picturesque farm, and really yummy treats to buy as well. I got to go with all my siblings which was very special since I hadn't seen 2 of my siblings for 2 months! We also ran into a former teacher we all had and it was so nice to see him, too.


My favorite photos from this month are these 3 that I took when I had to return to my college campus for a day. This is my favorite little patch of wildflowers that I've taken pictures of every fall, so it was nice to see them again this year and enjoy how pretty the campus is!


This month I needed a little blog inspiration, and I got it from Jemma's blog, Dorkface. It was just what I needed to spend some time looking at, too. I love her blog design - just the right combination of girly, fun, yet still a clean look. Her bright, cheery photos are something I love and make me want to take a few photos myself! I also love how well she is able to balance the personal with helpful posts. That is very difficult to do as a lifestyle blogger! Of course, Jemma's blog is also pretty inspiring to since she has been able to do so much with it including blog full time and create a positive group - the girl gang - which she puts so much time into. All of that just makes me want to blog more so her blog has got me excited to put out some good stuff this month!

What are some of your favorites this month? Have you been loving any of the same things as me this month? Let me know in the comments!