Saturday, December 17, 2016

Balancing Post Grad Life

One thing that I have found to be very important in life is balance. In college I learned how to balance studies, friends, family, self-care, organizations/activities, and general life stuff like buying groceries and cleaning. By my senior year I was a pro at balancing it all. This semester has been totally different though as I began student teaching. I have had to learn how to balance everything all over again. This has been incredibly stressful at times, especially since I can be a perfectionist! I'm sure other people have found themselves in similar situations where they don't know how to balance or manage everything they have going on. I'm going to share a few of the tips and tricks I have picked up in hopes it will help you, too!

6 Ways to Balance Life

Make lists.

Making lists is always my go to when I have a lot to do. I have tons of lists in my bullet journal and on notepads on my desk. If you've really got a lot going on, it's a good idea to write a giant list of everything that needs to get done, and then from there you can figure out your priorities and what you need to do each day to get everything crossed off your list.

Let (some) things go.

This is probably the hardest part for me, but it's advice I'm trying to take, too. I'm a perfectionist so it bothers me greatly to do things part way or not have my apartment clean. But I just can't do everything, so I just have to do what I can and let the rest go.

Create a routine.

What has helped me the most is creating a routine. I have my morning routine that helps my mornings go smoothly (as long as I get myself out of bed on time). Then I have my after work routine: shower and get into some comfy clothes, cook dinner, do some chores and/or work for an hour, and then I take an hour to do something for me whether that's blogging, watching a favorite show, doing an art project or reading. Having a routine like that means I can keep up with chores and work better, but I still have a set time when I stop and do things to take care of myself.

Learn to say no.

This is another hard one for me, but saying "no" is very important. Like I've said, you just cannot do everything so you have to learn to say no to some things. Whether it's saying no to spending the whole weekend with family or not taking on extra jobs at work, it's okay to say no.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Most of us don't want to ask for help (myself included) because we don't want to be a bother or seem weak or incompetent. Here's the thing though, most people like it when others ask them for advice and are willing to help if their friend or family needs it. We've all had a time when we had to ask for help, so don't feel embarrassed to ask for it.

Take time for self-care and do things that make you happy.

Lastly, make sure your setting aside some time for self-care and do things that make you happy. I've learned I need to set an hour aside to do something that I like to do each day. If I don't do that, I quickly start to feel bogged down and unhappy. Of course, some nights it ends up being 20 minutes or completely disappearing, but I know that the next day I will make time for myself. It can seem like difficult to do this, but see if you can make this happen. I promise it will make a huge difference!

Do you struggle to balance everything? What do you do to balance all the things you have going on in your life? Let me know in the comments!