Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Books I Read in 2016

This year I made it a point to read more. I read 6 books this year which is 6 more books than I read last year. Definitely an improvement! I've really enjoyed reading more this year and I've also read little bits of other books that I never finished (it happens!). These are the books I read this year and what I thought of them.

The 6 Books I Read in 2016

The Gifts of Imperfection

The first book I read this year was The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I had heard about Brene Brown from several didn't places/people including Laverne Cox who spoke at my school last year. So when I was scrolling through Amazon and noticed she had a book about perfectionism, I knew that I needed to read it!

This book is about letting go of perfectionism and the idea that we're not enough, and instead living from a place of worthiness. I felt like I learned so much from this book and it helped me to let go (a little bit) of my perfectionism. If you're wanting an inspiring read, this would be a great book to add to your list! 

I Am Malala

This book had been on my list for a long time since Malala Yousafzai is such an inspiring and extraordinary young woman.  I Am Malala is her auto-biography and takes you through her father's work as an advocate for education, and especially that of women's and girls' education, to her life growing up, her own work as an advocate for women's and girls' education - before and after being shot - and her life now in England. If you find Malala's story interesting, like reading non-fiction, or are passionate about women's education around the world, I think you'd really enjoy this book! 

Through the Looking Glass

I love Alice in Wonderland - both the book and the movies - so when the movie Alice Through The Looking Glass was coming to theaters I thought it was a perfect time to read the second book by Lewis Carroll. I read Through the Looking Glass  on a free books app that has lots of classic novels that you can read for free (the app isn't sponsoring, I just like it and wanted to share).

Through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland in general are for people who are willing to read about a completely nonsensical, imaginary world. If you aren't willing to just go with the story, you won't like the book very much. However, as an Alice in Wonderland fan, I loved reading Through the Looking Glass since it has the same charm as the first novel and I could see what bits the movies steal from Through the Looking Glass and how they combine the two novels. Basically, if you're an Alice in Wonderland fan, you'll like reading this book. 

The books I read in 2016

Seriously... I'm Kidding

This is the one book that I read all the way through, but didn't like. I love Ellen DeGeneres and I liked the 3 other comedy books I read, but this book did not catch my interest. Seriously...I'm Kidding is by Ellen DeGeneres and each chapter reads like a monologue for her show. The chapters don't follow any sort of story line or build up to anything. That made reading the chapters feel pointless after a while since it didn't lead anywhere. If you really love Ellen, you might like this book, but I wouldn't recommend it. 

A Game of Thrones

After hearing so much about the TV show, I thought I should probably read A Game of Thrones so I'd know what everyone was talking about. I borrowed the first book from the library, and honestly I'm glad I didn't buy it because I'm conflicted about this series. The characters are definitely interesting and the story line had me reading through the book pretty quickly. However, this book/series is so sexist/mysoginistic. I finished the first book and started the second, but I had to quit because it just felt so demeaning and cruel. 

I wouldn't recommend A Game of Thrones as there's really no excuse for creating female characters just for the sake of demeaning them and working off of stereotypes and the only "man" worth being is a violent one who protects his property. I do know a lot of people like the show/books though, so if you're willing to move past all of that for the story, go for it. 

Letter to My Daughter

After reading a couple duds, I picked up a book by one of my favorite women and authors - Maya Angelou. Letter to My Daughter is somewhere between a collection of advice and a biography. If you've read anything written by Maya Angelou or heard her speak before, you know a book filled with her advice and life story is going to be a GREAT book. And it is. If you love Maya Angelou (as I do) or you want an inspiring, well written book to read - this is one I would definitely recommend! 

That's what I read in 2016! The Gifts of Imperfection, I Am Malala, and A Letter to My Daughter are the top 3 books I read this year. If you haven't read them yet, you should add them to your list of books to read! 

What did you read in 2016? What were your favorite books from this year? Let me know in the comments!