Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Best Classes I Took in College

With my time at college ending, I've been thinking about some of the classes I took in college and which ones caught my interest and I learned the most from. Some of the classes that stand out I knew I would love from the beginning and others surprised me. Here are 5 of the classes I learned the most from in college.

The best classes I took in college

General Biology

This is one of the classes I took freshman year and it's one that still stands out. This is partly because it taught me great study skills that I used for the rest of my college career and partly because the professor was so into what she was teaching. Her enthusiasm and interest in biology was contagious and made me enjoy going to her class and studying topics that were difficult more interesting.

Principles of Macrecomonics

This class was a requirement for my minor that I wasn't too excited about, but ended up being a super useful class. How many times do you hear about the economy when watching the news or discuss politics. Learning about the basics of economics has allowed me to be much more educated on the subject and able to better understand what the heck is going on when people bring it up! Another reason this class is one of the best classes I took is that economics is actually the science of decision making and weighing which choice will bring the best outcomes. That is definitely an important skill to have! 

The American Woman

This class was the one women's studies course offered at my university. This class combined history, women's and human rights in the US and around the world, and feminism. It was so cool to me to have a class where we could trace how modern expectations for women began, how women have gained rights throughout the years, how people still try to control women, and the conditions women live in around the world. If your college offers any women's studies courses, I highly recommend taking at least one!

Teaching Reading in Content Areas

Most of the classes on this list are ones any major might have as an option either for General Education or electives, this one is really just for education majors. This class taught me that literacy includes a lot more than just reading novels, how important literacy is in every aspect of life, and how to use literature in my area to help students later on. When you take time to think about it, you see how much you read each day - blogs, text messages, social media, menus, signs when driving - you basically read all day long! I liked how this class made me rethink the importance of literacy and realize how much I read and write each day.

Western Civilization I

History is one of my favorite subjects. I loved this class because we learned about history pre-1500s. It was amazing to learn about history in 800 BCE and earlier and see how what happened in that period still affects life today.

Studying Abroad

Not necessarily a class, but studying abroad was a great experience and one I would definitely recommend to anyone! I chose to study abroad in Costa Rica through a summer study abroad program and loved it. 

Hopefully reading through this list you get some ideas for classes to take in the future and you see that you should give all your classes a chance. A lot of these classes were ones I initially wasn't interested in, but ended up being worthwhile. Even if you don't think you'll like a class, walk in with an open mind - it could end up being one of your favorites!