Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 43

This week has felt so slooow. Everyday has had at least a few hours of rain, if not a big storm complete with tornado warnings. To make matters worse, I've been doing a lot of sitting around. It seemed like every time that I wanted to go out to do something it was either raining so much that I couldn't or was still a bit flooded. Other days I was just helping out at home or spending time in my room. Boring! This upcoming week I'm planning on getting out more and doing more fun things so hopefully I'll have more to tell you about :)

Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things

Friday my parents and sister were out, so it was just me and my brothers at home. The boys and I went out to dinner at my favorite local restaurant which made me oh-so-happy. I could seriously eat there every weekend and be happy. When we got back home from lunch, each of us did a few chores to help out. 

After that I was just feeling...weird. I'm not sure if other people get this feeling, but sometimes I have a bad night and it's like all my energy is gone. To get up and do anything sounds like way too much work and will just lead to more "overwhelming" choices and decisions to make (what should I eat for dinner? should I stay inside or go outside? should I read or watch tv?), so instead I just stay in one spot on my bed feeling overwhelmed for hours. So that's what I did with my Friday evening.

Luckily I woke up feeling better on Saturday (though still a bit off). My little cousin turned 3, so my mom and I headed over to my aunt's house for his birthday. He is sooo cute! He got a little pool for his birthday, so he and the other little kids were playing in their swim suits when we got there. 

I spent the afternoon watching a few of the movies on the Disney Channel Original Movie marathon with my sister, but it was too nice out to spend all afternoon inside! So I spent most of the evening outside. I went for a walk with my brothers and mom and just enjoyed the weather!

Sunday I was feeling much better and ready for a new week to come my way. I helped my sister since she wasn't feeling very well. We watched some TV and spent some time outside on the porch. In the afternoon I watched some YouTube videos and read a few blog posts, before working on my own blog.

And here's some photos from the weekend:

Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 43 from Courtney's Little Things

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

20+ Ways to Spend Less

It seems like a lot of people must have money on the mind because I've seen more posts than usual about it. I've been thinking more about money because with moving into a new place soon, there's quite a list of furniture and houseware I'll need to buy. I'm also getting closer and closer to getting my first "big girl" job after university and so I'm trying to learn how to budget better since I won't be getting help from my parents anymore. So I've put together a list of 20+ ways to spend less and save more with everything from food to shopping trips to going out and more. Hopefully this will help you be a bit better with money, too!

20+ Ways to Spend Less from Courtney's Little Things

Food and Restaurants

Take your lunch with you to work or school.
Pack a snack and drink if you're heading out on the road.

Plan your meals. You'll spend less on random groceries and eat out less.
Bring a water bottle with you to fill up throughout the day instead of buying a new drink.
Don't throw away left overs. Keep it for lunch the next day.
Only order water at restaurants.


Check out the sales or clearance rack first when you're out shopping.
Take advantage of sale bills and coupons.
Ask yourself if you really need it and if it will make your life easier/better/happier before you buy anything.
Find something to do at home rather than just go shopping or to the store because you're bored.

Days/Nights Out

Only go out to the movies when you really want to see a film. Otherwise just have a movie night at home.
Set a cap on how much you'll spend ahead of time. Only take x amount in cash if you need to.
Avoid weekly shopping trips with friends that are just for fun. You know you'll end up spending money! Instead try to switch over to trips to the park, game nights, or other free events.


Cut back on things you don't really need.
Could you get rid of cable and rely on Netflix or Hulu?
Take a look at what you have on hand before going and buying something new.
Make a list when you go to the store so you can stay focused and only buy what you came for.
Visit secondhand or bargain shops before more expensive stores.
Think of what your dad would say. Or maybe this is just me because my dad hates spending money.
Wait a day before buying "fun" items.
Go on a spending ban for a day or a week.

Compare prices to find the best deal.

What are your best tips for spending less and saving money? Do you use any of these tips already?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Blogging Essentials

Aside from a laptop and a camera, there are a few things I use every day (or nearly every day) to help with blogging and make it easier. If you've been blogging for any amount of time, I'm sure you know how much work we all put into it. Along with writing posts and taking photos for said posts, there's social media accounts to keep up with, posts to promote, an editorial calendar to keep track of, stats to keep track of, and of course other blogs to read. These are just a few of my blogging essentials that I use to make blogging a little easier.

My Blogging Essentials from Courtney's Little Things


Hootsuite is what I use to schedule my tweets. For me, this site is super simple and easy to use. On the weekends I usually schedule my promo tweets for the week. It makes it so much easier to have a few promo tweets scheduled each day, so I don't have to think about posting them during the day while I'm at school or work.

You can also use Hootsuite to schedule Instagram posts, but it's still a bit more work since you have to open up the Hootsuite app on your phone, copy your caption from the app, and open the photo in Instagram and paste the caption.


I keep my "spreadsheet" (I hate that word, but that's what it is) of blog post titles, links to the post, and pageviews for each post in my GoogleDrive. I've been using this system since October and it's been really helpful. This way, when I want to tweet some promos, I just open up my document and I can easily copy and paste my links over to Hootsuite or Twitter to write some promos instead of having to open up blogger, find the post, open the link, copy and paste.

I also have a few other blog related documents, like one with the "brand" info - colors and fonts I use - and other documents like post ideas and one with people who've mentioned me on their blogs (just because I like to see nice things about me and my blog if I ever get frustrated with blogging).


Another Google app I use for blogging is Google Calendar. I've used a paper calendar in the past to plan out my editorial calendar (i.e. what I'm posting on what days), but over the last 6 months I've found that using GoogleCalendar is much easier and more convenient. I can make a plan of what I'll post on what days, but if a new idea comes up or I decided to switch the order, I can easily drag the posts to a different day. I can also add in little notes if I want so I don't forget an idea I had for the post or a quick outline of what I have in mind.

Folder of  Title Images

I've started keeping a folder on my computer of all the title images I use for blog posts and it has been so amazing. This is another tool that makes it super easy to promo posts since all the images I'll need are in one folder. It's much more convenient than having to search through folders and folders or just scroll through all the images you've ever saved on your laptop.

I also keep this folder organized by saving all of the images with the name of the post (or a shortened version of the post title). This helps because then I know what I'm looking for when I scroll through the photos.


Bloglovin is something I feel like all bloggers should have. As a reader, it makes it so much easier for me to follow your blog. I can scroll through my Bloglovin feed each evening and see what new posts all my favorite bloggers have posted in one spot, instead of having to remember to check each blog individually. I also love that I can save the post to read later or in a collection like College Life & Advice or Blogging Tips, Tricks, & Truths.

As a blogger I love it because, as I mentioned, it makes it easier for other people to follow my blog. Whenever I have publish a new post, it will show up on the Bloglovin feeds of people who follow me. It's also great because I have set up my Bloglovin account to tweet a link to my newest post after it's been published. This is super helpful because even if I do forget to schedule promo tweets for my newest post, it's already been tweeted about once thanks to Bloglovin.

Those are my 5 must have items for blogging. They make blogging much easier and help me to keep up with all the additional tasks of blogging like promoting posts, reading other blogs, and keeping all my ideas for upcoming posts organized.

What tools do you use to help you with blogging? What are some blogging essentials you'd add to this list?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MORE Journal Ideas

In January I started writing in a journal. I've kept journals off and on throughout the years - I have one from way back in first grade! While I haven't been able to do what I originally intended, which is write one entry a week, I have written in it at least once every month. It can be hard to carve out time for it, because it's not something I've done regularly for awhile. Still, it's something I really enjoy and I'm glad I've picked up again. It's really helped me work through some emotions and keep record of some of the better times. 

Anyways, I have a new list of journaling prompt ideas to keep you writing if you're interested in writing in a journal or want to use these as blog post ideas! 

MORE Journal Ideas from Courtney's Little Things
MORE Journal Ideas from Courtney's Little Things

  1. What are your life goals?
  2. What has surprised you in life? 
  3. Define yourself.
  4. Read your past entries. What do you think of them? How do they make you feel?
  5. Where are you in life? What do you work on? What are your hobbies? Who do you spend time with? Who are the most important people in your life? What are they like? How do you feel? What is the weather like? Do you like it? How do you spend your time outside? What do you want to do? What are you doing that's creative?
  6. Words I try to live by...
  7. Currently... List all the things you're currently doing - where you're sitting, what you're wearing, what your listening to, what your seeing, what you're eating/drinking, what the weather's like, anything and everything.
  8. Write down everyone you talked to today and what you talked about.
  9. What's the biggest thing that's happened this year?
  10. What are some things you want to improve on? How are you going to improve them?

Do you keep a journal or want to start keeping one? Are you going to use any of these journaling ideas?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 42

First of all, I can't believe I'm writing my forty second weekend wrap up post! Sometimes I feel like I've been doing these forever and you guys must be bored with these, but then again it doesn't seem like I've written 42 of these!

Anyways, it's been a pretty good week here. I did a little crafting (how to post coming soon!), had a little fiasco (our water heater broke and we had to fix it!), and got a little tidying up done. It was a pretty calm week which was nice, but had me ready for a fun weekend - which is exactly what I had! So let's get into it, because I'm excited to share all about it!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things

Friday was my mom's birthday, so we of course had to celebrate! I decorated the table like we usually do in my family - a tablecloth with photos of the birthday person with presents and cards placed at the end of the table. For lunch my sister and I took my mom out for a picnic at the lake, one of my mom's favorite places. My sister and I bought groceries the day before for our picnic and made the sandwiches and fruit salad ourselves on Friday. It was a bit gray out, but it was still pretty nice outside. It was nice to relax and enjoy a meal with the water next to us. In the evening when my dad and brothers got home from work we had brownies and mom opened presents.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things

Saturday my mom, sister, and I had a little shopping day. I went a bit crazy at the first three stores, but they were all things I had on my list! I like making cards so I needed some new supplies for that (stickers and blank cards). Our first stop was Michael's, so I picked those right up along with a few more stamps to add to my collection. Then we went to Famous Footwear and I found the perfect pair of black sandals to replace my old ones with. They're so cute and very much needed since my old pair of black sandals is starting to fray a bit at the edges. After that we went to Dress Barn where I had been eyeing some tops all month and finally broke down and bought two of them. After that I was pretty much spent and just enjoyed window shopping at the rest of the stores.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things

Sunday I was in the mood for something fun and outdoorsy so my youngest brother and I went on a little day trip! We drove over to a state park where we did some hiking and explored for a few hours. He was really fascinated by the Missouri River for some reason, so I took him over to a town a few miles down the road from the park that is right next to the Missouri River. It has a steam boat that was built in 1930 converted into a museum, so we got to tour the old steam boat and look around the rooms the crew members use to stay in. It was pretty interesting and made for lots of great photos! I'll do a post about our trip to the park in about a week, so I'll share more then!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 42 from Courtney's Little Things

How was your weekend? Was it a fun weekend or more of a calm and productive one?  Have you been on any day trips recently? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2

Last year around this time, I did a round up of my favorite posts that I had done in the first five months of blogging. I thought it would be fun to kind of review what I've created over the past year blogging, so here's another round up of my favorite far.

Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2 from Courtney's Little Things

Homestead Trip  

This is one of my favorite posts because it memorializes one of my favorite days from last summer. I really enjoyed spending the day with my brother reading about the homestead act and walking around the park. It was a really fun day and so I love being able to look back at that post.

Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2 from Courtney's Little Things
Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2 from Courtney's Little Things

Tips for Summer Classes 

I really like this post because I couldn't find any posts with tips for taking summer classes, so I made my own to help other college students who have to work straight through the summer to get that degree.

Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2 from Courtney's Little Things

How I Plan for Blogging 

This is one of my favorite posts because it's the first one I remember getting tons of positive feedback on and that I felt really proud of. Publishing this post, I felt like I had just started blogging and probably shouldn't be giving out blogging advice, but when I did you all seemed to really appreciate it. I got really excited as I saw you guys reading and commenting on this post and it's one of the reasons I love this post so much.

Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2 from Courtney's Little Things
Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2 from Courtney's Little Things

What To Do If You're Failing 

I wrote this post after giving a friend advice on how to turn things around in a class after bombing the first exam. When I got off the phone, I thought how scary that moment is when you get your paper or test or project back only to see that it didn't make the cut and now you're failing the class. So I wrote my best advice on how to recover from that and it turned out to be my most popular post ever.

Favorite Posts...So Far | No. 2 from Courtney's Little Things

Honorable Mentions: Apartment Tour: Bedroom, 7 Things That Help Calm Me

Thursday, May 19, 2016

What To Do When You're Annoyed With Your Roommate

Over the past few years I've lived with several different roommates/flatmates. Some of them were good roommates and fun to live with, and some of them not so much. No matter how close (or not close) you are with your roommate, chances are you'll end up annoying each other at some point. If you have a roommate you don't get along so well with, this probably happens more often than not. These are the main things I do whenever I'm getting annoyed or have a problem with a roommate, so hopefully they'll help you, too.

What To Do When You're Annoyed With Your Roommate from Courtney's Little Things

Keep your cool.

The first thing to do when your roommate is annoying you is to keep your cool. No matter how annoyed or frustrated you are, it's best to remain calm. If you start going off on them or act rudely/disrespectfully it will only make matters worse and add to the current drama. You have to live with this person, so it's best to keep a cordial relationship with even the worst of roommates. Stick to the rule Thumper taught us all - if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.

Get some space.

Whenever you start to get annoyed or frustrated with your roommate, it's a good idea to get some space. If you and your roommate are good friends and spend a lot of time together, it could just be that you need some time away from them. Grab some coffee with a different friend or spend some extra time in your bedroom to get some space in that way. 

If you and your roommate are less than friends, you'll want to get some space first of all to calm down. If you don't have a good relationship to begin with, it's a lot easier to lose your cool when you're especially annoyed or frustrated with the person. Getting some space will save you from saying something mean or making the situation worse. It will also help you to collect your thoughts before moving onto the next step.  

Decide if you need to talk about it.

In my opinion, not every little thing that annoys you about your roommate needs to be discussed. There are some things that are just their little quirks that, while annoying, are livable and really don't harm anyone. However, there are some things that can drive you mad or are truly problematic. These things will depend on you and your roommate, so I won't tell you what's worth talking about and what's not. I would just think about whether or not I am willing to explain why this is a problem and if I am willing to work together to solve it.

Have a conversation.

This can be the scary part, and again how it goes will depend on your relationship with your roommate. If your close enough, you could probably just bring it up casually when you're both in the living room and are able to talk. If not, you might have to ask them if you two (or three/all your roommates) can set up a time to discuss it. Again, don't have this conversation if you're still upset or if you won't be able to remain calm. If you're still emotional about the problem at hand, it's best to get some space and wait until you're able to calmly discuss the matter. If you don't, it's likely that you'll create another problem that you and your roommate will have to deal with.

When you discuss the problem, don't blame anyone or use judgmental language - i.e. no "you're so lazy." Identify the problem, explain why it is a problem for you, and ask if you two can work to fix it. You don't want to go in and be their mother and start demanding they do certain tasks or tell them how to live their lives - that definitely won't get you on their good side. Instead you should talk it out and work together to find a solution - i.e. alternate who takes the trash out each week, make a chore chart, etc.

This is how I've handled problems with my roommates and it usually works out well. Sometimes I only need to go through the first two steps, and I feel much better about my roommate already. When you live with someone, it's natural to get annoyed or frustrated with them, so sometimes all you need to do is get some space. I've definitely gone through all these steps before and I have had both "types" of roommates - ones where I can just casually bring up that we need to clean our kitchen this weekend and the ones where I need to set up a meeting time so we can discuss the problem and I have to remind myself to follow all the rules I laid out. I will admit, there have been times the conversation doesn't go well, but it's better to talk about the problem and be open than to be passive aggressive about it.

Do you have roommates or have you ever lived with roommates? How do you handle problems with your roommate?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sibling Rivalries

I love being a big sister. I love helping my younger siblings, spending time with them, and seeing them grow from little kids into teenagers and now young adults. Still, sibling rivalry comes up from time to time.

Sibling Rivalries from Courtney's Little Things

I mainly feel it with my brother who's only 2 years younger than me. I've been used to reaching all the milestones first - getting a driver's license, graduating high school, going to college, that sort of thing. But now we're entering into a space where your age doesn't really define when you'll reach the milestones like graduating college, getting married, landing a "real" job and it makes me feel threatened to be honest. I don't know how to handle not being first.

I also feel a bit threatened by our dreams and post university plans. I'm planning on being a high school Spanish teacher within a 2-3 hour drive from where my parents live. I want to live a quiet life like that and I know I wouldn't be happy moving hours and hours away from home or with a fast paced, super competitive job. I want to help kids grow and become the adults I know they can be.

My brother on the other hand is dreaming of animating movies for a major movie company like Pixar or Dreamworks. With that he's obviously planning on moving to a major city and creating tangible things he can show people to prove his work is good. I won't have anything more than 60% of my kids passing our last exam with a B or higher.

Basically, I'm worried about not being as impressive as him. I feel like if I'm not more impressive and not hitting those big milestones first, I won't be the big sister and my family won't love me or be proud of me anymore. I know that seems really silly and petty, but it's really how I feel.

The problem with this - aside from revealing some insecurities - is that it causes me to get a bit defensive and unable to celebrate moments with him and the rest of the family. If he shows us a video he made for a class, my mom goes crazy and is super proud of it so I feel like I can't be too excited cause I'm worried she'll be more proud of him or love him more because he can do such cool things. Or I can't be as happy for him and his friends getting these cool opportunities because I'm worried I'll just become the boring oldest child since me and all my friends are planning on having normal lives with jobs like teaching or social work. Again, I know this is super childish and petty, but I just can't help but feel that way.

Do you get competitive with your siblings? Do you worry about not being as good as your siblings?

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 41

This really hasn't been my week. It's been one of those weeks where all of a sudden your every insecurity comes out of hiding. Along with that it's felt like every possible thing that could go wrong or make things more difficult, has. Even if I tried to do something fun, it felt like everything went wrong to make it unenjoyable. Then towards the end of the week I read this great post about how accepting things (and people) as they are is part of being positive and I realized that is what my issue had been all week. I was trying way too hard to control things and already had an idea in my head of how things would go, so when things didn't go according to plan I got super frustrated.

On the bright side though, I was able to start two new books this week. I started reading Seriously, I'm Kidding and A Game of Thrones. I'm really enjoying both books so far and would recommend either - Seriously, I'm Kidding for a light hearted and quick read, and A Game of Thrones if you're looking more for a fantasy world to get caught up in for a while.

Now let's get into how my weekend was!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 41 from Courtney's Little Things

Friday I spent most of the afternoon on Pinterest. It's one of those things where I meant to get on it for a second, and next thing I knew 2 hours had passed. Oops!

Saturday was my sister's high school graduation party, so I spent the morning getting ready and helping with the finishing touches. During her party I talked with a lot of the relatives and made it over an hour before I was exhausted from all the small talk and had to go inside for a bit. When it was over I helped clean things up before coming back inside to get into a comfy pair of leggings, a baggy t-shirt and a messy bun. It felt so much better than the dress I was wearing at the party haha. I haven't worn a dress in over 4 years though, so it was definitely a success that it stayed on for 6 hours.

Sunday I had a lazy morning in bed, reading a few blog posts. It was so nice to just lay back and relax after the previous day's festivities. After awhile I had to get up and get ready for the actual ceremony. So I got all fancied up, took some pictures with the family, and went to my sister's high school graduation ceremony. She actually volunteered to do a speech, which I thought she did really well both writing and speaking. I was so proud of her because even now I would be so scared to speak in front of the hundreds of people that were there. The photos and ceremonies took up all of the afternoon. When we got home, I was all too happy to get into some comfy clothes, eat dinner, and then get some alone time. 

And finally, here are some photos from the weekend:

Weekend Wrap Up No. 41 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 41 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 41 from Courtney's Little Things

How was your weekend?  Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Desk Essentials

Over the past few years I have grown pretty attached to my desk. I never used a desk or work space in high school, but when I got to college I found I really like having a desk to work at. I always try to make my desk area pretty while keeping everything I need easy access to within reach. At this point I have what I like to keep at my desk both for practical and aesthetic reasons down to a science. Today I thought I'd share a few of my desk essentials.

My Desk Essentials from Courtney's Little Things


The first thing I must have at my desk is my laptop. I do most of my work on it whether it be blogging or school related. My laptop gets a place of honor in the center of my desk.


I absolutely must have a notepad on my desk. I always have some little idea or note I need to write down when I'm working. I jot down everything from who I need to email to what errands I need to run later. I usually keep two notepads on the edge of my desk so they're out of the way, but easy to grab when I need to scribble a little note.

Sticky Notes

I also need to have sticky notes on my desk. Partly because I need to have an excuse for constantly buying them at Target and partly because I love that I can just stick them wherever I need them - on my laptop, in my planner, lined up above my desk, or in my notes for class. It seems like I always need a little reminder so I keep these out.


Obviously with using notepads and sticky notes I need a few pens to write with. I like to keep my pens in a mug since it's cute and inexpensive. I usually have it filled with as many pens as it can possibly hold since I have pens in all sorts of colors in addition to the traditional black inked pen.

My Desk Essentials from Courtney's Little Things


I've started keeping a plant or two on my desk in the past two years and I really enjoy it. Live plants are best, but I've started settling for fake plants since my aloe vera plant has outgrown the space allotted to it on my desk. Even if they're not real, they add a little something to your space and make it seem a little prettier and happier.


I also need to have at least one candle on my desk. I love having a candle going while I work to have a good scent throughout the room and for some mood lighting if I'm working in the evening or on a rainy day. Candles just make your work space feel so cozy, especially in winter. They're also relaxing which help to keep me from stressing if I'm working on a big project.

Hand Sanitizer

Another thing I must have on my desk is hand sanitizer. I like to put it on when I get back from class or after I snack so I don't get my laptop or papers dirty. 


Lastly, I always keep my planner on my desk. I like having it on my desk to refer to the date, what I need to get done that day, and to make appointments or schedule things without having to second guess if that time will work or not. If I have my planner, I can do it all!

What are your desk essentials? Do you prefer a pretty or functional desk space? Let me know in the comments!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Photo Prop Ideas

It's time for a new season! I'm so excited for this summer. I have lots of big plans both for my personal life and the blog. I always like to use the seasons as a way to freshen up my blog and keep it from getting boring. I swap out some of the props I use and post some different content related to the time of year or holidays. If you're needing some inspiration to vamp up your blog this summer, here are some ideas to freshen up your photos for the new season.

Summer Photo Prop Ideas from Courtney's Little Things


Beach towels
Bright colors (especially blue and yellow)
Nautical themed jewelry - or maybe I'm the only one with a collection of anchor necklaces...
Target dollar spot pineapple themed goodies
Floppy summer hats
Beach/pool bag
Beach ball
Swimsuit pieces

While I was brainstorming photo prop ideas, I also thought of a few backgrounds you might use to add a little extra to your photos this season!


Brightly colored poster boards
Summer table cloths
Grass or bamboo mats

Do you change up the props you use in your photos each season? What do you do to freshen up your blog for summer?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Room Tour

I've been updating my room at my parents' house the past few weekends. For me, that means rearranging, changing the wall art, throwing out a few things I've out grown, and getting rid of clutter. After putting all that work in, I feel pretty pleased with my room and just couldn't keep it to myself, so I have to share it with you!

Room Tour from Courtney's Little Things

Now my room has more white in it thanks to the new lampshade, pillows from my apartment, and white shelf liners I put on top of my dressers. The white makes the room feel much more modern to me and a little more chic. It also lightens up my room a ton. The walls are a pale yellow which helps, but all the furniture is dark brown so they kind of counteract each other.

My favorite corner of my room is definitely my nightstand since I added the new lampshade, my calendar from Target (my favorite buy from there this year), my "plants," and tsum tsum pyramid. I usually keep my bullet journal and a pen on top of my nightstand as well so I can write up my list for the next day at night and then cross things off my list during the day. 

Room Tour from Courtney's Little Things

The main feature in my room is probably the gallery wall that I created last month. It has a few canvases I painted earlier this year with handlettered sayings about traveling and black and white photos I took when I was abroad in Germany and Italy. Since moving home earlier this month I've added a clock and a canvas from my apartment. The canvas colors are taken from my bedding. 

Room Tour from Courtney's Little Things

My bedding is a mix of old and new. I've had the (reversible) bedspread for a few years now, but it's still sold at stores. One side of it is the colorful damask you can see on the big pillows I have hiding towards the back and the other side is the blue and white diamond pattern I have facing up now. I like the blue more for summer and it feels much more calming to me than the colorful damask pattern. I love having extra blankets at the foot of my bed to cover up with when I lounge on my bed. I have two placed there now - a tie fleece blanket I made last winter with my mom with a cozy white blanket on top of that. The pillows on my bed are a bit of a hodge podge, but I just can't part with any of them! I like that they're all different textures so each one adds something.

Room Tour from Courtney's Little Things
Room Tour from Courtney's Little Things

In my room here I've decided to showcase some photos and memorabilia from travels abroad in my room. I have several photo collage frames with photos from my travels to Italy and Costa Rica. I also have some tidbits from Costa Rica on my dresser along with a few pottery pieces from Mexico that I was gifted. I have two owls featured in my owl collection from my travels to Italy and Germany. Like I said earlier, I have 3 black and white photos from Germany and Italy hanging on my gallery wall along with some handlettered canvases I made with travel quotes and a clock. I also have some plates from Spain on one of my shelves that I found at an antique store with cute little phrases painted on them.

I've never posted a video before, but I felt the photos didn't quite do the room justice, so here is a little video I put together of my room...

I hope you enjoyed this post (and my first video). Hopefully you enjoy room tours as much as I do. Let me know what you think and if you have any room tours on your blog/YouTube, leave me a link!