Saturday, July 30, 2016

Back to School Haul | Dollar Store Edition

I've always loved back to school season - new clothes, new shoes, and new school supplies! This year I wanted to see what kinds of school supplies I could get at the dollar stores in my area. I went to Dollar General and Dollar Tree for these school supplies I'm happy with what I got - I definitely found some cute school supplies - and I only spent $31.41 total.

Cute and functional school supplies for less money

Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

I moved into my new apartment - my first one by myself - at the start of July. Before moving in I was a bit nervous about living without anyone else and being all by myself, but it has been pretty great to be honest. I like being able to be messy if I want to, but if I clean the space stays clean. I like that I can sleep in or stay up and no one says anything. Sometimes I do get a bit lonely, but luckily my family is just an hour away so they visit a lot and I go home sometimes, too. But mostly I love having my own space and I love having people over and sharing it.

2016 Apartment Tour | Bedroom

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Night Time Routine for Better Sleep

I am super guilty of watching shows on Netflix until I fall asleep. Definitely not the best way to sleep! When I follow a more structured night time routine and give myself time to slowly shut down I sleep so much better. Since I got a request from one of my blog friends, Arianne, for a bed time routine for a good night's sleep I'm sharing what works best for me in hopes that it will help you and everyone else out there!

Night Time Routine for Better Sleep

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 49

This has been a really good week. Since I realized that I start student teaching in just 4 weeks, I thought it was time to get to work. I put together a binder for each of the classes I'll be teaching (Spanish I and Spanish III) and started looking at the projects I'll have to complete during my student teaching for certification. I also had some fun and made it to not one but TWO movies this week - crazy! I went to see Ghostbusters on Tuesday with my brother and then on Thursday I went to see The Secret Life of Pets with my family. Definitely a fun and productive week!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 49

Friday I started off my weekend by going out for Chinese food with my family. When I got back to my apartment I did some planning and watched some TV before calling it a night.

Saturday I spent the afternoon watching sports, much to my own amazement. I'm just not much of a sports fan - there's only a few that I really watch. One of those is X Games type sports - which just so happened to be on TV. So I watched that and then a documentary about the history of sports teams in Cleveland came on and I found myself liking that show, too. I also took some blog photos and started writing a few posts in the afternoon, too.

Sunday my sister came to spend the night. We went to a few stores and out to dinner before renting a few movies from Redbox. We picked a few movies that I've been wanting to see but hadn't been able to yet - Sisters, Joy, and Straight Outta Compton. Sisters was so funny - Tina and Amy are my favorite best friend duo and I always love seeing them together. It was also fun to watch Sisters with my sister (even if we're really not like either of the sisters). Joy was a good drama, but a bit depressing for the majority of it. I saved Straight Outta Compton for Monday and this drama was more my type. It just seemed to have more heart and action to it than Joy (in my opinion).

Since my sister was over for the night, I didn't write up the weekend wrap up in time so sorry it's up a bit late!

How was your weekend? Have you seen any good movies or spent time with any of your favorite people lately? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Planner Decorating Essentials

I've been decorating my planner for over a year now. While decorating a planner is definitely not for everyone, it is for me. For me it works as a stress relief activity and is something I enjoy doing each week. If you're interested in decorating your planner, here are my favorite things to use!

My Planner Decorating Essentials

Thursday, July 21, 2016

20+ Reasons Why I'm A Bad Blogger

I try my best with my blog - I try to write good posts, edit my writing before publishing, take decent blog photos, spend time editing photos, and schedule my content in advance - but I'm still far from perfect with blogging (as I'm sure you've already figured out). Today I just felt like talking about a few ways that I'm a bad blogger.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What It Means to Be Prepared for Class

People are always telling you to "be prepared for class" and to "come to class prepared," but what exactly does that mean? Now maybe you know, you've been through the school system and you've figured it out. But maybe you've made it through the school system and still have no idea what your parents and teachers mean when they say those phrases. Well as a college student and future teacher, I am here to help you figure out what the heck those people are talking about! Here's what I would say it means to "be prepared for class."

What It Means to Be Prepared for Class

Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Weekend To Do List for Self Care

Today I'm starting a new series called My Weekend To Do List. If you've been reading for a while, you know I have a soft spot in my heart for making lists, especially to do lists. I'm going to try to put out one of these posts each month with a different theme. This month it's self-care!

Self-care is something I think is really important. Making time for self-care each day is something that has greatly helped my mental health and helps me to keep up with the daily chaos of life. It helps me to stay positive and be productive when I need to be. However, sometimes life gets busy and self-care (sadly) gets pushed aside during the week. That's when it's super important for me to make time for it on the weekend.

My Weekend To Do List for Self Care

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Hobbies & Why You Should Have One

As much fun as scrolling through social media and binge-watching your current show on Netflix can be, sometimes it's good to get off the couch (or out of bed) and, you know, actually do something. That's where having a hobby comes in. 

My Hobbies & Why You Should Have One

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

25 Things That Make Me Happy

One of the things that everyone needs more of in life is happiness. I'm not sure anyone would argue with that statement. In hopes of spreading around a bit more happiness, I thought I'd share a few things that make me happy and encourage you to do the same. Writing each item on this list gave me a little burst of happiness and it's nice to have this list to look back on when I'm having a bad day. It's also been fun to think of more things to add to my list of happy things. These are a few things that can always bring a smile to my face.

25 Things That Make Me Happy

Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 48

This week for me personally has been really good. I've been enjoying my new apartment and getting everything just right. I know this is weird, but I like having my own space to clean and organize. I also love decorating a new place and I've enjoyed having time alone, too. I haven't been lonely though because I had family over just about every other day. That has to be the best thing about only living an hour away from my family's house.

If you pay attention to what has been happening in the US this week, not so good. I don't usually write about politics on the blog or on my social media, but I've made an exception for what's been going on this week. I don't like offending others, but seeing 2 people needlessly gunned down by police was extremely unsettling and heartbreaking and it shouldn't be offensive to call out the violence that anyone who watches the videos can easily see. I'm not quite sure what is so offensive to people admitting that people who are paid to protect us are actually perpetrating violence against members of our community, admitting that racism is still rampant and evident in our society, or acknowledging that the two are intertwined? 

Of course stating the cruel and inhumane treatment of these and other victims of police brutality had to be made further controversial by someone, unconnected to either movement, shooting and killing police at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas. While the actions of the police officers who killed Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling were despicable, not all police officers are responsible and their actions in any case should not be responded to with more violence. And most people agree with that statement and many of those who want to see a change in the US justice system are trying to do so peacefully through writing, using social media, and protesting.

Now I don't have any wise words or solutions to this giant problem at hand. I don't know how ordinary people are supposed to change huge societal institutions, but I know using the voice we are given is one way. And I know that spreading a little bit of love and happiness is another way. And I know some people are doing amazing things with GoFundMe accounts for the families of those killed this week. 

I don't have a better way to end that little piece and hopefully I haven't lost you because now I am going to move on to talking about how I spent my weekend!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 48

Friday my dad surprised me with an impromptu visit since he was in the area for work. It was nice to see him and be able to talk to him about things, especially since he and I are the worst at texting or calling each other! Later on in the evening I painted a bit with my watercolors and watched the Vikings Season 2 dvd set that I picked up on Thursday. I don't know what it is about this show, but I love it. Since I've had the season 1 set for awhile and I do not have cable in my apartment, I decided to splurge and  buy season 2 and 3 of Vikings. I normally don't binge watch shows, but I watched all of season 2 this weekend so I'm guessing season 3 will follow shortly.

Saturday I tried to dress up a bit since I was going to be spending the day with my mom, sister, and grandma. They came up to go to a flea market and lunch so I went with. We had fun walking around the flea market and we each got at least one thing. Then we went out to lunch before heading to my apartment to visit. My grandma loved my place and we had a nice time talking. 

My sister decided to stay with me when my mom and grandma left, so her and I ran a few errands and watched a bit of Netflix. We watched Beyond the Lights which was a pretty good movie and one that I've been meaning to watch for a while. We also watched an episode of Reign and I believe I now have my sister hooked on it. 

After dinner she and I headed back to my family's house where I met the little kitten who they adopted after he showed up on the door step this week. My brothers named him Henry and he is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I had so much fun playing with him!

Sunday was very laid back. I spent the night so in the morning I played with Henry a bit more, spent some time with everyone, enjoyed lunch made by my mom, and then grabbed a few more things to take back to my apartment. Once I made it back to the apartment I spent the afternoon editing photos, writing and editing posts, and ended the weekend by finishing up season 2 of Vikings.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48
Weekend Wrap Up No. 48

How was your weekend? Did you have any fun outings or binge watch any good shows? Let me know in the comments! And of course feel free to share your thoughts on what's been happening in the US recently - just be respectful!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ways to be Organized in College

In college I've found that it is super important to be organized. Unlike in high school when your teachers give you gentle reminders of when your next test is and class time to work on your projects, everything is up to you in college! You have to keep track of dates for all your classes, make the time to study, and set up group meeting times. It can be overwhelming to keep track of everything and stay organized, even if you generally consider yourself an organized person. I thought I'd share my best tips to help you stay organized in college now, so you'll be fully prepared when classes start!

Ways to Be Organized in College

Thursday, July 7, 2016

What My Depression Feels Like

I have had depression for several years now. I do my best to keep it in check with prescribed medication, practicing self-care, and being honest about my mental health with myself and others.

Still, every once in a while I'll have a few bad weeks where I struggle with my depression. I was having one of those times last month. When these times come up I first just accept that that's how I'm feeling and wait to see if it's just a bad day or two. If it lasts longer, it gets a bit more confusing as to what to do - or at least to me. I try to combat it though with self-care and pushing myself to do things that I know are good for my well-being. 

Depression can be so hard to explain to others. I know my mom is constantly asking me why I'm not being my normal self and asking what's wrong, but I just can't quite put it into words - and I also don't know how to say it without upsetting her or hearing every person with depression's least favorite words "you don't have anything to be depressed about." So I thought I would outline a bit of what my depression feels like, and share it here.

What My Depression Feels Like

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Monthly Intentions | July Goals

Before starting this month's goals post, I'd like to let you know of a little change. You may have noticed that the title is slightly different than usual and that is because I am joining up with Jazmine, Angela, and many other lovely bloggers for a Monthly Inspirations series! I've had some technical difficulties, so here is a link to everyone's blogs.

Looking at the events of June, it's been a good month. I got to see some friends, read the book I'll be teaching this fall during my student teaching, had plenty of down time, and visited some cool places. But mental health wise, it's been a bad month. I'm not really sure what caused it, but I felt so numb and bleh this month. I just couldn't seem to get rid of this oh so wonderful sort of depression. The last week of or two of June it started to get better though and I'm feeling back to normal now. I'm hoping that July will find me in a happier state of health for the whole month. July is also the month I move into my new apartment and my last full month of summer before starting my student teaching. So I guess we could say July is kind of my transition month?

So first, before talking my goals for July, let's talk about how I did with my June goals.
Goal #1: Make better use of my growing stamp collection.  This is the only goal I made for June that I absolutely achieved. I've been only using stamps and paper in my bullet journal, and I've found  I really like using the stamps!
Goal #2: Join at least one Twitter chat a week.  I'm calling this a success, although there was a week that I didn't join a chat. I'm glad I made this goal and followed through with it because Twitter chats are just so great for bloggers. It's great to talk to other people who get what you're doing and enjoy it as well. It's also a great motivator to continue blogging.
Goal #3: Continue to wake up at 8 am Monday - Friday. This was a big no. There were a few days I woke up at 8 am, but I mostly slept in. Like every day. I'm  going to say this partly has to do with not feeling the greatest this month, because when I feel so uninterested in doing much of anything, it's so easy to just lay in bed and watch Netflix all morning or sleep in.
Goal #4: Walk 2-3 miles at least twice a week.  This was an even bigger no. I only walked a few days. I know it would've been good for my physical and mental health, but it's really hard to motivate myself to get up, get outside, and start walking when I can barely get myself out of bed some days. 

Now that you know how I fared with my goals for June, let's talk about my goals for July.

July Goals from Courtney's Little Things
July Goals from Courtney's Little Things

Improve my mental health.

As I already mentioned, June was not a good month for my mental health. This month I want to work on improving my mental health, one step at a time. I usually find the best way for me to do this is to practice self-care and have some time alone. 

Take 1 e-course.

I have emails from several different e-courses I've signed up for in the past year, but have never opened. That's so bad! So this month I'm planning on learning more about blogging and clearing out my inbox a bit. 

Read 2 books.

I've been on a roll with reading this year, and I want to keep it going into the second half of the year. In June I finished reading A Game of Thrones and read the book I'll be teaching this fall. So this month I want to do some more personal reading, starting with Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou.

Make the apartment feel like home.

Moving into my first apartment by myself, I feel like it's really important for it to feel like home in order for me to be happy living there. So probably my main goal for this month, is to make my new apartment feel like my space, a space I love and a place that feels like home.

Look into my tasks for student teaching.

With student teaching I have a few big projects I'll have to complete throughout the semester to get my certification at the end of the semester. Luckily, the details and requirements for these projects are already posted online, so I'm going to spend some time looking into what each of these will entail. Hopefully having this information ahead of time will make the semester a little bit easier and less stressful.

Those are my goals for July! Are you setting any goals for this month? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to check out a few other bloggers goals for some more inspiration!

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 47

This week has been all about prepping for this weekend because it's moving weekend! I did my laundry, packed up most everything, and started making my grocery list a few days ahead of time - I was just so excited to cook whatever I want and not worry about if the rest of my family likes it. It's the little things, right?

I've also been feeling good this week. I think having the excitement of new things ahead and just continuing to take care of my self whether that be taking a lazy day for a little Netflixing (it was only one day haha), being productive, or doing something that makes me happy.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 47

Friday was move in day so after loading up most everything in vehicles the night before, it only took my family and I an hour in the morning to finish loading furniture and a few other items. Once we got to my new apartment we realized we arrived a little too early (oops) so instead of moving me in straight away, we went to a restaurant for lunch first. We had a nice meal and after waiting just a bit we were able to start moving me in! Luckily with the help of my brothers and parents it took no time at all to get my stuff up three flights of stairs and assemble a bit of furniture.

If we can back up a little bit, moving makes my mom and I not get along so well. Well really it's more of the pre-moving (making plans, taking stock of what I have and what I need to get, etc) than the actual moving part. Anyways, I found myself getting irritated or annoyed with my mom quite a bit during the week, and to be honest I didn't treat her with much kindness or respect. On Friday I felt so bad for the attitude I had given her during the week. Why? Because she is seriously my biggest blessing in life. I know people who aren't lucky enough to have a mom as wonderful as mine and she made the actual move in day so smooth and easy. She's the one who assembled the majority of the furniture and stayed until I had most everything done. She kept her cool so well throughout the entire move in process. So next time you're annoyed with someone who's trying their best to help you, ask if the way you're behaving and treating them is reflecting well upon you. Because the way you treat others says a lot about yourself (but please don't think I'm always a bad daughter/person. I swear I'm not!).

Weekend Wrap Up No. 47

Saturday I spent the day mostly organizing and unpacking a few more things. I thought I'd watch Reign while I worked. I'm really bad at Netflixing because I'll watch a few episodes one week and then I'll forget about the show for a while. So I just started season 2 of Reign and I liked that Mary gets more bold. I also started wondering how many times Mary and Francis can disagree on major issues yet still have no problems in their relationship. I also drank the best juice ever. I found some guava juice at the store and knew I needed to try it. It was so good. I couldn't get enough haha.

Weekend Wrap Up No. 47

Sunday I met my family to go see Finding Dory. I had heard really good things about the movie and they are definitely true! The movie is so sweet and funny. If you love cute animated films, you have to see this! My brother decided he wanted to spend the night at my apartment, so after the movie he and I went to a few stores before heading to my apartment. We played with his soccer ball for a bit outside and watched people light fireworks a day early. We also got groceries since today my family is coming up to my apartment for dinner and to watch fireworks. I'm excited to cook for them and for them to see my apartment decorated!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 47

Have you seen Finding Dory yet? If you live in the US or Canada, how did you celebrate your holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Favorites

June has been filled with summer activities - day trips, ice cream, and getting together with friends - and lots of blogging and planning in my bullet journal. As we've gotten further and further into this month it's gotten hotter and hotter which has me so thankful for air conditioner, fans, and being able to stay indoors. I've been feeling a little blah this month, so I don't have a lot of favorites, but I thought I would share what favorites I do have of this month!

June Favorites from Courtney's Little Things
June Favorites from Courtney's Little Things


There's a few songs I've been loving this month - "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake, "One Dance" by Drake and Kyla and "This Is What You Came For," by Calvin Harris and Rihanna. I've also had the song "Good" by LAYNE stuck in my head multiple days this month. It's so catchy, upbeat, fun, and perfect for summer. LAYNE only has two songs on Spotify - "Good" and "Somebody"-  but they're both such good songs that I can't wait for a full album to come out from them.


I found a new YouTube Channel that I really like this month called Studyign. Sareena's videos are so helpful!  If you're a student or planner/bullet journal addict this channel has tons of good videos for you to watch! Some of my favorite videos from her are Plan with Me: Bullet Journal Weekly Spread, Taking Notes from a Textbook, and her Desk Tour.


I went to my first movie in theaters this year - finally! It was Alice Through the Looking Glass and I loved it! I love Alice in Wonderland movies, especially Tim Burton's, so I've been very excited for this movie for a few months. This film went above and beyond my expectations. I'm always a little wary of sequels, but I really loved the story line of this film and the characters were as wonderful as ever. So if you haven't seen it yet, go! And if you've already seen it, go one more time!


I'm throwing a new category in! And one you probably won't see again - I'm just not a huge sports fan. But I have been enjoying la Copa America Centenario! Soccer is about the only sport I can stand to watch. I didn't watch all the games, but I liked keeping up with who was winning and cheering for the games I did watch.


Strawberry smoothies. There is nothing better than a strawberry smoothie on a hot summer day - fruitie, cold, and ice cream-y (that's totally a word). The best part is a local restaurant sells mini strawberry smoothies for $1. It's so hard to say no to when it's 90 degrees out!


I did a big planner haul for me this month at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I love all my new goodies! I bought some new washi tapes, cute sticky notes, planner stamps, and a few planner stickers. It's all so cute and look so cute in my bullet journal.


This month my favorite blog is one that I've been reading for a long time - The Blog Market. Jennifer and Angela have created an amazing resource for bloggers and creatives. A few of my favorite posts from them this month are 10 Quick Ways to Boost Your Blog's Pageviews and 5 Ways Self-Care Helps You Professionally.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

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