Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Essential Apps

I know we all have those apps we can't live without. I'm no exception and have a few that I constantly use. Without further ado, these are my must have apps.

My must have apps for my phone


This is one of the most basic apps, but I use it everyday. I keep notes on my phone of post ideas and sometimes outline post ideas when I'm on the go to look back on later. I have a list of my links to social media to make it easier to promote them on Twitter, a list of hashtags I use on Instagram, and songs/artists to look up later. This app is a lifesaver in so many ways. I don't know what I would do without it!


Spotify is my favorite way to listen to music. I love that I can make my own playlists without having to download a million songs - I can just do it on the app - or I can listen to the Spotify playlists. They have the best playlists to listen to in the background while you're working - I love Peaceful Piano and Deep Focus


I take a ton of pictures on my phone and am always getting the lovely "Cannot Take Photo - Not Enough Storage" pop up. I know that Apple has the Cloud, but I prefer using Dropbox. It makes it so easy for me to download the pictures from my phone to my laptop so I can take even more photos. I also like how easy it is for me to take pictures on my camera, edit them on my laptop, and then send them over to my phone via Dropbox. It makes Instagram so much easier!

Google Maps

I have no idea how people got around without Google Maps. I use this whenever I'm travelling or unsure of exactly how to get to my destination. Since I recently moved, Google Maps has helped me find new places around where I live - like the closest pizza place and where the nearest Target is. I'd be lost without it (pun intended).


For me Instagram is a source of inspiration and of course where I share my photos. This is usually the first app I open in the morning. Seeing pretty pictures first thing in the morning gives me a happy start and lets me feel connected.


This is another app I'm using pretty early each day. I check Twitter every morning while I eat breakfast to catch up on what's happening in the lives of my friends, what new posts are out, and current events. Of course, then I go on to check it several times throughout the day.


I had heard that audiobooks are great to listen to on your commute and this advice is so true! Since joining the working world, I have "read" several books on here. Audible is connected to Amazon and you can buy books either with money or credits (I'm not really sure how you get credits). So far, I haven't actually purchased a book - I've gotten them all with credits! 


Of course, no list of favorite apps is complete without at least one game. I like the classic games and my favorite is Sudoku. I like this particular app because it's colorful and you can set the board so the grid has circles instead of squares - it just makes it more visually appealing.

What are your essential apps? Do you have any app recommendations? Let me know in the comments!