Tuesday, April 4, 2017

20 Things To Do This Weekend

I always end up doing the same things on the weekend - sleep in, netflix, clean a bit, visit my parents. Sometimes it's good to switch things up, so I made a list of 20 things to do this weekend. I hope this helps if you're looking to do something a bit different this weekend than your usual weekend routine.

20 things to do to switch up your weekend routine

  1. Bake cookies
  2. Cook a new recipe
  3. Go to the park
  4. Take a walk around the neighborhood
  5. Paint your nails
  6. See a movie that's been on your list forever
  7. Have a Disney movie marathon
  8. Experiment with photography
  9. Go bargain hunting at a dollar store or thrift shop
  10. Make a proper breakfast
  11. Read an entire book
  12. Create the ultimate throwback playlist (and then listen to it all day)
  13. Visit a local museum
  14. Find out what free events are happening in your area
  15. Do something you enjoy, but haven't done in a long time whether its painting, crocheting, or playing piano
  16. Read and comment on 10 blogs
  17. Print photos and put them in an album/scrapbook
  18. Buy and read a magazine
  19. Buy fresh fruit and make a smoothie
  20. Visit your local library and find a few good books to borrow