Tuesday, April 11, 2017

25 Things To Do For Your Blog

It always seems like there's a ton of things to do for your blog. From writing posts to social media, there are so many things that go into keeping your blog up and running. Here's a list of 25 things to do for your blog.

Things to do for your blog | blogging to do list

  1. Brainstorm blog post ideas
  2. Draft new posts
  3. Update your about page.
  4. Take new profile pictures.
  5. Take stock photos for your blog.
  6. Take photos for specific posts.
  7. Edit photos.
  8. Take Instagram photos.
  9. Post to Instagram.
  10. Comment on 5 pictures on Instagram.
  11. Look through one of the hashtags you use a lot and like photos.
  12. Delete Instagram pics that don't go with your theme (if you have one).
  13. Schedule promo tweets for your most recent blog posts.
  14. Schedule promo tweets for older blog posts.
  15. Do you follow retweet accounts? Check out 5 posts they've shared recently.
  16. Share posts by other bloggers that you enjoyed reading.
  17. Update your boards' covers on Pinterest
  18. Pin your latest posts to Pinterest
  19. Pin 50 items
  20. Do you follow any group boards? Check out 5 posts from a group board.
  21. Find new group boards and ask to join.
  22. Update your profiles/bios on social media.
  23. Update your profile pictures.
  24. Read and comment on 10 blogs.
  25. Respond to comments on your own blog.
  26. Catch up on your favorite blogs.
  27. Update/edit past posts on your blog.
  28. Delete posts that you aren't proud of.
  29. Update your blog's design.
  30. Add or remove widgets as needed.

What else is on your blogging to do list? Let me know in the comments!