Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Thoughts on Instagram

Ever since Instagram switched their feed from chronological to whatever this algorithm is, it seems like Instagram has gone from everyone's favorite social media to least favorite. While I'm not a fan of the changes, I still enjoy using Instagram and thought I'd share why.

4 reasons why I still like Instagram, despite the recent changes

It's visual.

I'm a visual person. I love seeing other people's photos and just scrolling through my feed. I get a glimpse into the lives of the people I follow and can just enjoy their photography and get inspired, especially on those days when I'm just too lazy to read.

It's a good way to share photos.

I take so many photos. I've always liked taking photos and I take a ton for me and for different blog posts. Instagram is a great place to share them. It's the best platform I know of to share photos since you create a grid (is that the right word?) of photos rather than just sending photos on Snapchat that disappear after 24 hours or adding photos that get lost in your Twitter feed.

It's not all about numbers.

Or at least it shouldn't be. I know it's easy to get caught up in how many likes you get on your latest post and how many followers you have. Especially with blogging since often times bloggers track these numbers. But these shouldn't be what keeps us going as bloggers. There's always someone with more likes, more followers, more engagement. While I definitely check how many likes I get and engagement on posts, I'm ultimately posting because I like the photo and want to share it with others, not to get X amount of likes or a certain number of followers. If I get them, great. If not, oh well, I shared it because I wanted to

People are using it.

Despite the frustration we may feel because of changes on Instagram, it is still a very popular platform, especially if you're audience is 16-25. Lots of people in that age range prefer Instagram over Facebook and Twitter. At 24, my favorite platforms are Twitter and Instagram. I know my younger siblings (college age) are all about Instagram and Snapchat - they barely use Twitter. Keep your audience in mind and remember that they are most likely checking Instagram...a lot.

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Do you still like it or are you ready to move on?